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Fourteen Down

When our anniversary rolls around Chad and like to celebrate with food and drink and sometimes caching. (Although to be honest, that last part is mostly me.)

So we headed out to have dinner at Cafe Bacchus. Lucky us, it happened to be Wine Wednesday. Awesome. (Just for the record, Wine Wednesday isn’t a great thing when you realize it happens on Wednesday when you get up on Thursday.)

As you can see, we really kept it together for our anniversary photo after we got home.


As a side note, when I was little Cafe Bacchus was a very nice restaurant called The Flame. They served butter in scoop form that looked an awful lot like ice cream to a small child.

chris on May 1st 2013 in Blogroll, Family

I sew

I sew. No really, I do. I have a pretty nice Janome machine that I drive like a race car (ZOOOOOOM! ZOOOOOOOM!). Thank god I can’t get a speeding ticket in the attic.I used to sew elaborate things like Elizabethan gowns. Or sometimes less elaborate things like suits. And maybe the occasional skirt. One time I made a duvet cover. That was horrible, just horrible.

So what have I made recently?

Carboy coozies.Yes. You read those two words correctly.

Empty coozie / Mead awaiting coozie / Mead with coozie

Why? Because Chad’s beer needs to be kept dark and happy.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. That is a fine piece of sewing right there. A fine piece of sewing indeed.

chris on April 22nd 2013 in Blogroll, Creativity

Phipps in March

It was good Friday and since I had the day off, Chad and I headed up to Phipps Conservatory to enjoy some sunshine and flowers.

After all, Spring was definitely on the way, not that you could tell from our flower beds which are constantly months behind.

Also, it was delightfully warm inside. Delightfully warm, I say!

Or maybe that was just the desert room.

At any rate, it was a lovely day. The orchid room is always mindblowingly colorful and well…just great.

There were very cool glass sculptures throughout the exhibits. I really liked the ghost men that could be found frolicking through the water feature.

And just as we were wrapping up, I found the place that I was going to spend the rest of forever…

The best part? Chad posted a photo of me at Phipps on facebook. And what did his friends comment? Not how much they liked Phipps, but where the closest brew pubs were located! Of course. So we ended up at Fat Head’s. Because, well why not?

Happy Good Friday, indeed.

chris on March 29th 2013 in Blogroll, Travel

WVU Stripes the Stadium

It only took until September 28 for the first Big XII football team to step onto Mountaineer Field. In honor of such an auspicious occasion the powers that be decided that it would be super fancy for the fans to strip the stadium in blue and gold. I was a bit dubious that folks would follow directions: odd sections Blue, even sections & student sections gold. I myself was a bit fussy since almost all my WVU gear is gold. With a little digging I came up with an old school blue shirt (thanks Mom Matlick) and Chad grabbed his Metropolitan Billiards Parlor shirt before we headed out to the tailgate, which was delicious just in case you were wondering.

After fortifying ourselves with plenty of hamburgers, kielbasa (Chad, not me), baked beans, cucumber salad and cookies, we plodded up the hill to our gate.  And I was amazed to see that the WVU faithful had pretty much followed directions.

Ping was also amazed

It was a nailbiter of a game, quite literally in my case, but the Mountaineers were able to hold on and post a 70 – 63 victory!

chris on September 28th 2012 in Blogroll