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Week 4 – it’s sort of a theme

So the subject of the photos aren’t really following a theme, but the photos are all taken with the xolaroid setting on the RetroCamera App of my phone,  (it’s free! I like free!) so that’s sort of a theme, right? Even if you don’t agree, please don’t tell me. I’m doing the best I can here and maintaining focus is not my strong suit.

January 23, 2012

Since starting this little project I’ve definitely noticed my surroundings a little more. Not always of course – please see about statement about my attention span – but I have definitely stopped to take notice of things when I’m staggering by with my hands full of crap to be shuffled from one counter to another, one floor to another. Enough waxing philosophically. I was cleaning off my craft table (sewing table, stacking crap table) when this caught my eye. The embroidered piece will eventually be the neck ruff of a renaissance costume. It was sitting (as it has been for over a year) on said table. What really caught my attention was the GPI,  a leftover from a prior project.

January 24, 2012

I was in Pittsburgh to visit the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh which is a vastly cool place. This is an old post office that has been re-purposed for part of the museum. It’s a very cool hands on museum and quite frankly I’d drag Chad up there, but we’d just look like some creepy adults and I’m sure freak out a bunch of parents. (Also, the food is really good in the cafeteria) Anyway, the Museum is just amazing. It would be a tough feat to take a bad photo of this building. I could have stood outside and played around with different angles, but quite frankly the wind was so evil I beat feet to get inside.

January 25, 2012

It was Burns Night, I was obligated to break out the single malt scotch. And taking a picture of myself trying to play my pipes would have been neigh impossible. Also, I haven’t played the great pipes in ages.

But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane,
In proving foresight may be vain;
The best-laid schemes o mice an ‘men
Gang aft agley,
An’lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!

Robert Burns

January 26, 2012

I was out walking in the driving rain (in pursuit of a FTF geocache) when I stopped to take this photo. The older part of this cemetery (not much can actually be considered new really) has some fascinating markers and family plots. I could walk through here every day for a year and take a different photo. Although it doesn’t show up very well in this photo, the concrete forming the step (in the forefront) is carved with the date 1902.

And yes, I did the get the FTF, thanks for asking.

January 27, 2012

Well, it’s Friday and Chad promised me a delicious beverage if I made it through Death Club. I made it, but just barely. Although to be honest, this was from Chad’s delicious beverage. I had a Duchess. And then, being so exhausted I went to bed. I am the life of the party. All that aside, I was happy with this photo. Something about the fuzziness and the colors make me happy (and that’s stone cold sober me typing).

January 28, 2012

Once again Chad let me go into a store when I was tired and hungry and disoriented. And while I was in search of yarn for a hat, I quickly became distracted and wandered around taking lots of random photos. None of them were quite right so I kept on snapping. I’m sure the customers in a certain local craft store were wondering about all the flashes of light. Eventually I moseyed around until I stumbled upon this…thing and once it was captured I felt a little better. Still it took me ages to get my yarn and get the heck out of there.

January 29, 2012

This is one of my favorite things.

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week 3 – still going strong

Three weeks in to the Photo A Day project and I’m still interested. That may be a record in and of itself. I have a very short attention span. I tried to work in a little bit of a theme this week. I decided to use the Retro Camera app – the Xolaroid 2000 setting –  as much as I could. It seemed like a good idea, until I started also using my Canon S90. Oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that nonsense.

January 16, 2012

We keep our porch lights up quite some time past Christmas. Coming home and seeing the house looking so festive well into the Winter gloom makes me feel a little better about the crappiest time of the year. But only a little.

January 17, 2012

This is a close up of one of my Renaissance hats. It’s a lovely green velvet number with plenty of trim and ostrich plume. And since it was sitting in the foyer – well to be more accurate it was on Gramps’ bust which is in the foyer – I was struck anew by how cool the detail work was on it. At any rate, I was giddily happy with how this came out. It looks so artsy fartsy.

January 18, 2012

It amazes me that amidst so much gloom and greyness that is Morgantown, a sky as such can suddenly appear. I took this shot from our attic window. I should print it out really big so it covers our windows. I’ll look out the covered window and think….”Ah, look at the lovely sky” when of course it is wicked outside.

January 19, 2012

Remember that blue sky from yesterday? Yeah, it snowed today. I really hate Winter. But I liked the ways the lights streaked.

January 20, 2012

We’ve been worrying over Orlando since finding she has insulinoma. After a new round of meds she has been back to her normal ferrety self. Which is to say, she likes to eat the cats’ food. Not a great photo, but that’s no shock. At least she was mostly still.

January 21, 2012

I had a cranky pants meltdown when I tried to go to the gym and found my car frozen shut due to an ice storm. De-icer didn’t work. Warm water didn’t work. So instead I decided to go for a walk. It was icy out but I did manage to make it to the cemetery without any mishap. Even on a bad day it is a lovely place to stroll. The monuments are amazing.

January 22, 2012

So one day it was brilliantly sunny. Then we had snow. And ice. And then today, the weather turned yet again and the sun came out and Winter dissipated and I (shockingly) went geocaching. Cabin fever hit the caching community pretty hard since I had a goodly number of company.



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week 2 – wherein I remain focused

Surprisingly enough I’ve managed to remain focused on this take a photo every single day thing. At least for the second week running. And no crazy last minute “holy crap I’m going to bed and I haven’t taken a photo yet” episodes.  I like to think of that as a good omen. Nothing spectacular in this bunch. Mostly I’m just playing around taking photos. I’m sure this comes as a shock to no one but myself, but it’s a pretty good way to nudge my memory regarding what was going on during the week. And trust me, my memory needs all the nudging it can get.

January 9, 2012

So I was filling in for one of my coworkers when lo and behold the cake fairy delivered seven, yes SEVEN pieces of cake. Normally there are 3 or 4 of us in the office at one time.  Today it happened to be just three. And since I was manning the gate, all the cake was deposited in front of me. Right there…for me to smell in all its homemade cake goodness. Be still my heart! Will someone come and eat this scrumptiouness for before I NOM all seven pieces myself? Someone? Please? (You may notice there are only 6 pieces in this photo. One of my co-workers answered my plea.)

January 10, 2012

Little Orlando has not been feeling well as of late. She was diagnosed in November with insulinoma, which is not that uncommon in ferrets unfortunately.  She was doing pretty well until this week when she just seemed not quite herself.  After a visit to the vet, we found out her blood sugar was WAY low. So hopefully a change of meds will get her back to her little ferrety self. I snapped this while Orlando was uncharacteristically nearly asleep in Chad’s hands.

January 11, 2012

Today was the last remaining calendar day on which I had not found a geocache (standard disclaimer: Discounting Leap Day). And I was resolved to change that, come rain or shine – it was rain, of course.  I picked a puzzle multi cache which required me to visit two cemeteries and this one random marker in memory of Rev. Pool & Family. This is a medallion on the marker itself. I thought the blue fuzziness of this shot really went with the feeling of the day. And yes, it got colder and wetter before I found the cache.

January 12, 2012

On December 21, 2011 I brought home a lovely flower arrangement from a Christmas party. This cut orchid was in the arrangement. Yes, it is in fact a live cut flower. And it is still in pretty darn good shape. The rest of the arrangement fell apart, but this little guy keeps going. Currently it’s in an empty gin bottle from Smooth Ambler Distillery.

January 13, 2012

I told you to expect photos of cats. After all we have four and they do some ridiculously cute things. This is Kimi and she is terrible happy with herself most all the time. And she stays still, so taking her photo is much easier than doing so with the other three. Although it being Friday the 13th it probably would have been more appropriate to take a photo of Seti, our black cat.  (You can see the static is hitting us pretty hard, poor Kimi has stray hairs stuck to her face.)

January 14, 2012

I took this with an app called Retro Camera on my Android phone (it was free and as you will see, I really like it). Reminds me off all those negatives I have laying around from my good old Pentax K1000.  This “C” is sitting in the window of the staircase to the attic. I pass it every day and most times I forget it’s even there.

January 15, 2012

Chad and I were killing time (before going to see Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol) in Bed Bath & Beyond as we were too efficient in our errand running and thus had time to kill.  I was feeling a little disoriented which is often the case in BB&B. It was about that time that I noticed these really sparkly and entrancing tissue holders. I probably need to get out more.

chris on January 17th 2012 in Daily Photo

Week 1 – Captain Indecisive

A few years ago I thought I wanted to undertake one of those photo-a-day things (thought being the keyword here). I probably made it through two weeks before I admitted I was just not feeling it (also I’m lazy and disorganized). I toyed with several themes and none of them took.

After making it through a full year of taking a specific photo each Sunday (soon to be revealed under it’s own glorious post) and managing our whiteboard countdown, which required daily updates, I felt I was ready to attempt the photo-a-day project again. Once again I couldn’t find a theme I was in love with, so I figured I’d go with a no theme, theme. Expect lots of cat photos.

New Year’s Day, January 1, 2012

(Also, yes I know this is a Sunday and thus should merit it’s own Week, but work with me here.)

Chad’s a happy camper. After all, he survived The Christmas Plague of 2011.

 January 2, 2012

It snowed just a wee bit. Fortunately I still had several days off from work. Also, I did not leave the house this day.

January 3, 2012

Orlando decided she was going to sleep in a Christmas sock. Seriously, isn’t that the cutest little ferret nose you’ve ever seen?

January 4, 2012

Yes, I am a slacker.  I forgot to take an additional photo that had nothing to do with our Countdown to The Dark Knight Rises. Sue me.

January 5, 2012

So I saw a photo-a-day album called Where You Stand. The idea was to take a photo of your feet each day. You know, a different way to look at your day to day activities. This is Where I Sit (or more accurately, Where I Slouch).

January 6, 2012

I have a multitude of fun photo apps on my phone. One of my favorites is the Polaroid. And as of late, our kittehs love nesting in the attic. So kittehs + photo app = cute.

January 7, 2012

Chad and I went along with our friend Keith to retrieve his 5/5 cache The Beast of Briery Mountain. It would have been much easier to just use the chainsaw to fetch the ammo can.

January 8, 2012

It was time to start the laborious process of un-decorating. Fortunately I had some help.

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