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Glenwood Springs: Rafting & Fancy Beer – July 5

When we were planning this trip, Chad suddenly declared we had to go to Glenwood Springs. “Why in the world?” I asked him incredulously. “It’s in the middle of nowhere. For reals. No where.” I was not shocked when his reply was “Casey Brewing”. Not that I had any clue who or what Casey Brewing was, but I figured if it hit Chad’s radar then we were going. And then I found out we had to have tickets to the tasting and they only let 20 people in and blah, blah, blah, barrels, blah blah, fruit, barrels….additional fan-girling by Chad.  Ok. 

So up earlier than I prefer on vacation we set out to Glenwood Springs and we got there early. Because that’s how we roll. No worries, we found a little trail and got a few caches and got stuck in a downpour because we’d left our rain jackets in the car. We are so prepared! 

Casey was totally worth the trip to nowhere. The beer was amazing. A-MAZ-ING. We bought as much as we were allowed. I just asked Chad not to show me the receipt. 

Full of delicious beer, we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to whitewater on the Colorado River. I think the order of things was backwards, but who am I to complain? Chad volunteered us to be at the front of the raft, so we spent 99% of the trip soaking wet. It was a blast! 

After dinner I convinced Chad to go after this cache that may or may not be where Doc Holliday is buried. It was a wee bit more of a hike than we’d expected, but the payoff was spectacular! 

And then I came down with what I’m going to assume was an altitude induced headache that was so bad Chad got up in the middle of the night to get my some ibuprofen. Apparently I’d been whimpering and carrying on in my sleep. Yay altitude! 

Clickity right HERE For pics of our adventures (mostly of Casey, no pics of the whitewater, sorry). 


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Denver: Ponies, Caching, & Alcohol – July 4

What better way to start of Independence Day than a pony ride in the mountains! And did we luck out, it was just us and our guide, a really nice honest-to-goodness cowboy. Also, you know…ponies! 

The next step for a fabulous celebration of July 4 is obviously to go out in the foothills and do some geocaching and hope that your East Coast lungs can handle what gets thrown at them. They did OK, but good lord almighty were we SLOW going up the trail S..L..O..W.. 

That done, we headed…yeah you know to a brewery. Or maybe two. And then a distillery because it was there and it was part of GW14er pub crawl and we hadn’t gotten to go in yesterday. We had a blast trying out different flavor combinations of infused alcohol. And I got this winner of a tshirt, don’t be jealous! 

A quick pic in front of Coors Field for Mom and we headed back to the hotel to check out the fireworks. 

Goodnight, Denver! You’ve been lovely!

As usual, clickity HERE for pics of our adventures. 

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Denver, Geowoodstock & Beyond – July 3

It’s Geowoodstock Time! Hooray! So yeah, we did that. We got many caches at the event. 

But then we decided we’d had enough so we headed out to do some real caching on a mountainous trail outside of town. It wasn’t too bad, until we were up on some rocks scrambling around for a cache and the distinct sound of a storm blowing in stopped us. We signed, jammed the cache back and bolted off the rocks. It seemed like a real doozy was coming in, but lucky for us, all we got was the wind. Whew. That was good because the trail would have become a creek, without a doubt! 

We hit a couple local breweries up – Denver Beer Co & Diebolt because they were on the GW14er pub crawl. 

Ended the day with a fine breakfast at Breakfast King! 

Goodnight Denver, I’m exhausted. 

Clickity HERE for the gallery of this fine day. 


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Time to Paddle (Or, the Only Time We Regret Skipping Arms Day)

Thursday, February 25,  Do All the Things! (Day 5)

Today was the day we were gonna do ALL THE THINGS with Russ & Anne! First, we were going to kayak out to Cas Cay. Then we were going to hike out to Red Point. And finally we were going to get a geocache! ALL THE THINGS! (Also there may be a cool refreshing beverage involved at some point.) Check out the pic below to see where we were heading.

We set off from the Eco Tours marina where Chad and I rented some bright yellow sit on top kayaks! Like pretty much every day this week, it was a lovely day in Paradise to do anything (or everything) and that includes paddling.

Especially, through and around mangroves. Paddle. Paddle. Paddle. I’d always heard how mangrove swamps are, well, swampy and smelly and rather unpleasant to be in. But these mangroves were not that at all because the water was moving through them. Being in the little mangrove tunnel was lovely and cool and completely relaxing.

The water was amazingly clear which was nifty. At one point Russ pointed out the upside down jelly fish and I could see them clear as day! It was a little weird being able to see the bottom, but not being really sure how deep the water was.

We arrived at (on) Cas Cay – even Ping who spent the trip in a dry sack tethered to my kayak. He might be a flightless water fowl, but I wasn’t taking any risks.

Kayaks safely stashed, Chad and I  watched in amazement as Russ & Anne produced chairs, a cooler, snacks, shoes and tons of other stuff from their kayaks. Man those things hold a lot of stuff! Thus ready, we set out for the hiking portion of the trip!

First stop, the Blow Hole! Super duper cool! (Yes, I know, I’ve said that about pretty much everything down here. But it’s true. Super duper cool. Leave me alone, I’m struggling for modifiers.) The big waves come barreling ashore, making this POP / BLURP noise and BOOM! Water shoots through the blow hole. It really is fun to watch!

Onward and upwards. The trail was not bad at all. Some previous cachers were fussing about it in their logs, but come on people; put on your hiking shoes and deal with it. (Also, read the dang cache page which says, don’t do it in flip flops.) Thanks for the peace-of-mind broomstick, Anne!

It was incredibly windy as we made our way out the trail and we were fortunate to be able to watch a sailboat try really hard to get anywhere…

And a dude set up his kiteboarding kite.  Which, once we saw him in action, looked a little to extreme for my tastes.

As it turns out, Chad had picked his sitting spot appropriate when we arrived. Because when I finally bothered to look at my GPS, I realized he was sitting on it. Or, more accurately, above it. Good job Loyal Sidekick!

Well, time to move on. We headed back down the trail and around the bend and to the hermit crab racing area. You might think I’m kidding. I’m not. And there were hermit crabs EVERYWHERE; including the trees. Yes. In. The. Trees. Which is a place I do not think hermit crabs should be…above me.

We had to make the obligatory stop for Chad to check out the redneck wind chimes that had been loving assembled over time. (Also proof that yes, there are rednecks everywhere.)

After exploring Cas Cay on land, we put on our snorkeling gear – yes, all that was ALSO in Russ & Anne’s kayaks believe it or not! – and walked into the water. The mangrove roots are called fish nurseries and we were not disappointed! Holy moly! Plus we saw another barracuda and the back half of a grouper, so that was super cool. The water, like elsewhere in these parts, was warm and happy and full of surprises, like the trunkfish Anne pointed out.

The kayaking and snorkeling and sun exposure had worn Chad and I down. So we didn’t venture too far afield for dinner, just down to the Hull Bay where we did a little beach walking before food – because it’s there.

Hull Bay Hideaway makes Chad very happy. Especially their refreshing beverages and  coconut cream pie!

Check out the rest of the photos….we took a bunch. As usual, click on the small photo to make it a big photo and see the description.

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