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Farewell Shadowfax

It is with a very heavy heart that we bid farewell to our big girl, Shadowfax. The Princess. Weasel Alpha. The Big Weasel.


Two and half years ago, after our ferret room had been empty far too long, we took a trip to Hide-e-Hole ferret shelter. We came home with three ferrets. Shadowfax was The Boss. She was all muscle, all brain and a little OCD. She was in her new home maybe 15 minutes before she nearly made it over the ferret room’s Dutch door. That was our preview to life with Shadowfax.  Constantly being outsmarted and surprised by what she managed.

The dresser they all loved to sleep in? Yeah, she slept in the 2nd drawer up, because she could. That about gave me a stroke when I couldn’t find her anywhere and in desperation pulled the next drawer open. There she was. “Hi, Mom.” How? How indeed. She’d pushed the second drawer out while standing on the back of the first drawer and then climbed on up. Honest to goodness. That girl.

Our Big Girl loved mousecicles. There was a particular way in which she and Duncan would have them. First Shadowfax would take take the one she wanted. Then after eating the best part first (I’ll spare you the details) she would put the rest of hers in a corner. And then she’d take Duncan’s, whether he was done or not, and place it along side hers.

Shadowfax also had a better sense of time than I ever will. If it was closing in on dinner time, she would go to the kitchen and lay on my feet. If that didn’t work, she’d put her cold little nose up my pant leg. And if that didn’t work, she’d stand on her hind legs and put her front foot on my leg.

If I picked her up, she’d use me a launchpad to try to reach the counter top to get her dinner herself. And if I thought I’d be clever and hold the bag of mousecicles up above her head, that didn’t work out so well. For a little short legged critter, she had a heck of a vertical jump! Chasing her through the house as she ran with her stolen mousecicle was part and parcel of life with her.

One morning I was running late. I walked into the kitchen…to find her on the kitchen table, previously potted plant and soil all over the table and her standing smack in the middle of it staring me down. As far as she was concerned, I needed to get it together! Breakfast was late and that was unacceptable!

Life with Shadowfax was never predictable. One evening I went to their room and the louvered doors to the washer and dryer had been left open a crack. And there she was, standing just where they opened. I called to her. She usually would come right away. But nope, not having any of it that night. So I went to pick her up and she backed up. Which is when I saw what she was guarding….a former mouse, now headless. Oh yes, she’d caught herself dinner. Delightful. I scooped her up and called in Chad to dispose of the remains.

Shadowfax was just over four years old when she came home with us. After a while, Big Weasel developed a bump on the top of her noggin. It was a bone growth; it looked like the nubbin of a unicorn horn. That wasn’t a problem. A cyst formed on top of the bump and that’s what eventually took our little one from us. We thought she’d be with us at least four years, if not longer. It was a terrible shock to lose her at six-and-a-half years old. Our Princess drifted off in her sleep as she lay by my side.  We buried her in the shade of the trees, near a creek, on Chad’s family’s land. Godspeed Big Girl, it won’t be the same here without out you.

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Portland 2015

After Block Party we drove to Portland to visit with B.

We did some walking around. We did some caching (duh). We did some eating. And also some drinking. You get the picture.

We got to see Mount Hood in all its glory on a beautiful day in the mountains!

Check out the gallery – clickity on the photos to embiggen to viewable size!

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Geocaching Block Party 2015

Chad, Mom & I flew to Seattle for the last Block Party! (Ok, so it was a pit stop on our way to Portland to visit B.)

Clickity on the individual photos to make them big!

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The Closet’s a Closet!

We’ve been in this house for nearing on 8 full years. And while the first floor was loving renovated and remodeled, the second floor left something to be desired. It was wall to wall carpet (except the ferrets’ room – we tore that out as soon as we moved in – and the bathroom). On the landing there was wall to wall light blue an indeterminable color due to the horribly stains we managed to inflict upon it.  In one bedroom there was a burgundy  pink dark pink rose carpet. It was horrible. I hated it. I knew it was coming out, so when we painted in there and I didn’t cover the carpet. What I did do though, was slop paint everywhere.

I also knew that there was a wood floor under the carpet. I knew this because 1. I had seen the beautiful hart pine in the 2nd floor bathroom when we ripped the old tub up and 2. I had seen (what I would later find to be an inaccurate viewing) wood parquet under the horrible rose carpet. You may wonder why #1 and #2 did not add up to 3. I myself, I did not.

One overly zealous day while Chad was elsewhere I ripped the carpet up. He came home to find the 2nd floor landing filled with carpet and me foaming at the mouth sobbing  cursing. That was not wood parquet under the carpet. No. It was not. It was sticky linoleum tiles made to look like wood parquet. What. The. Heck? Who puts individual sticky nasty linoleum tiles over perfectly good hart pine? WHO?

I came to grips with this horrible realization because at some point, the nasty sticky linoleum tiles were at least cleaner than the carpet.

And then one fine day (again with Chad being elsewhere) I started ripping those things up. I thought it would be easy. I am such a moron hopeful soul.  Apparently the sticky tiles being self adhering was not enough. The enterprising moron who installed them used extra glue. A LOT of extra glue.

I had some help from my friend Kris in working on the removal. And I also discovered that using an old iron really sped things up. She discovered that spilling water on the floor also accelerated the glue removal process.

Eventually it came time to sand and hope for the best. So I rented a big ol’ sander and had at it. I did the dirty work

After two days of sanding and being bored to death by it (not to mention having every muscle in my entire upper body ache) Chad came in to do the finish sanding (I was so over it by then it was ridiculous).

The floor ended up looking better than either of us could ever have hoped. It was protected pretty well by the rose carpet and nasty linoleum squares I suppose.

As if the project had not hung in there long enough, I decided that since the closet had been ripped out, I may as well cedar line it and install a fancy new organizational system.

The room is not quite done,  but it is a heck of a lot better. And I have learned many an important lesson which will serve me well should I ever decide to tackle another of the rooms. After all, there are 2 bedroms and a landing left on the 2nd floor.

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