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It’s that time again. Time to trek to Charleston (which for me involved a side trip to see pony and a stop in Weston to meet up with CL Combat) to throw – yes I was the hostess with the mostest this time around – sMAGPI’s Fourth Annual Meat & Greet.

I bring the awesome, you guys bring the rest. Fun guaranteed. Pony’s Promise! (Sometimes I think of it as more of a threat than a promise.)

And so things got underway. Thanks to soldofsolitude (and his Dad) for bringing the most awesome grill ever. Seriously, a grill of that nature adds some level of sophistication to what was (and trust me here) a rather haphazardly thrown together event.

We did have a moment of trepidation when I had to draft grill masters. Although to be honest, it was more like assign or harangue. It just so happened to be the two guys loitering near the grill. I figured they must have been admiring the grill and thus showed some interest in using the darn thing.

After feeding the mass of humanity that had gathered we moved on to some games. OK. So the only activity really was the ammo can toss. And the tragedy of it all was I Spotty Spotty Pony Girl only had one ammo can laying in my basement that was ammo can toss worthy. Yep. ONE. And it was a .30 Cal at that. Oh the shame.

For those of you unsure why this would be shameful, please allow me to elaborate. 1. I’m a geocacher. I should have several toss worthy ammo cans stashed safely in my basement. 2. The men’s ammo can toss has traditionally been a fully laden .50 cal ammo can while the ladies’ ammo can toss has been a fully laden .30 cal ammo can. 3. The winner gets the can. UH OH.

But I’m wily and adaptive. So both ladies and men threw the same can. The men’s winner – wvhunter74 – got the can and the ladies’ winner – Allysmom got a finely crafted t-shirt. Problem solved kids.

While the ammo can toss was being played out (and yours truly was taking photos and trying to keep one eye on the can) who should drop anchor but local legend CaptJackSparrow! Avast mateys…’tis a pirates life fer we scallywags. Alas the Cap’n escaped portraiture.

And so with bellies full and prizes distributed….and after a bit o’ excitement that nearly remodeled the place….we went jeepin’

Yeah, we did. Two three Jeeps and one pick up truck hauling: pbump, mrs. pbump, SSPG, CL Combat, Knight Who Says Ni, wvhunter, Rock_Rat, Gentleman-Carpenter, AllysMom, Ally, Nuggie99 and wvmikiepar. And thank goodness for those last four folks since they were our leaders. Thus ensuring we actually arrived at Rt. 60 Connector Ridge #1 – Briarwood.

It was a mighty fine day.

chris on September 9th 2011 in Geocaching, Vehicles

Soft Top

Thanks to Sam I finally had a soft top to put on Edmund, the little black jeep. (Sam’s disclaimer was that it was in rough shape. I’m just thrilled to have a soft top.)

With much thanks to my dear brother and Aquacache the hard top was easily removed and sitting on the stand I made. (Found those instructions online. Cheap and easy.)

Now sure, I’ve seen plenty of jeeps without tops, but that didn’t stop me from finding Edmund’s appearance a little strange.

The soft top went on super easy since the brackets were already on the jeep. So while I was all ready for some back breaking labor and lots of cursing, it was a smooth install.

Now, time for some celebratory food.

chris on May 30th 2011 in Vehicles

Jeepin’ to Beaverhole

After our leisurely stroll CITO’ing in Fairmont we figured what we needed to do to wrap the weekend up was a jeep trip down to Beaverhole.  I’d been down to the low clearance parking before in my poor old Saturn Vue, but that was a lifetime ago.

So sidekick & I saddled up in Edmund the Jeep & Knight Who Says Ni hitched a ride with Aquacache (a much better vantage point than the backseat of the little black jeep).

Our first stop was Big Run Cascade which was running like mad today.I managed to creek cross with no falling, much to the amazement of everyone involved. Compared to the previous time I was there – in which I was able to stand at the top of the falls and not even have to worry about the rocks being slippery, today was a little more treacherous. Thankfully I managed to find a tiny branch to steady myself.

From there we went to Beaverhole Cache which was awfully darn difficult to find, considering that both Aquacache & I had already found the darn thing.  But before we could get there…we had some hazards to overcome. Including a new slip.

And from there I had to deal with removing some unwanted debris that had become wedged through the frame. Of course in order to do this, I had to get under the jeep. And to do that I was obligated to lay in the middle of the road through which the stream was running. NICE.

That having been achieved we then had to face “the slip” which while it looks daunting, upon review of the video there was a fair bit of wiggle room.

Once arrived at the bottom, Aquacache & I tried to convince KWSN & LWB to go get Project No. 2459. We even promised we’d just wait at the jeeps. But sadly they declined.

After taking in the views, we decided we were hungry & tired and ready to head home. Since I’d have the pleasure of taking Edmund the little black jeep through the gauntlet on the way down, sidekick slide behind the wheel for the return trip home.

chris on May 30th 2011 in Geocaching, Vehicles


It’s anniversary time – 12 years – and what does every girl want besides a pony or a jeep (besides, I already have those)? How about a fancy new bluetooth-o-rific radio for the jeep?  OH yes, be still my heart.

First things first we had a limited amount of time and a limited amount of space to get this job done. Limited time because we were heading to the MAGPI Open in 3 hours and limited space because it had started raining and we can’t open both doors of the jeep while it is in the garage. So poor Chad jammed himself in the passenger seat while I folded down the back seat and set our tools out there.

Desperation is the mother of a lot of things, and in this case it is the mother of make do with what you’ve got. Fortunately for me, I’m kinda small (or short or however you’d like to put it) so I fit in the passenger side pretty well.

The first thing we had to do was pull off the dashboard. Chad, being the uber geek that he is, had done extensive googling regarding the subject. Me, well I’d been wanting to change this stupid radio out for ages, so I too had done my own googling. We both came to the same conclusion…this sounded a little too easy to be true. And yet with very little elbow grease, things started coming apart. Although that part that implied no tools were needed? Yeah, that I did not believe. And while it may have been true…a flat head screw driver made it much much easier.

And so when we were down to the nuts and bolts I was so terribly relieved that I had the foresight to purchase the deep well sockets in addition to my regular sockets. (Sockets R Us at your service!) Otherwise there would have been lots of gnashing of teeth and cursing. I’d have kept the tool throwing to a minimum due to the confined space and profuse amount of auto glass.

And more or less lickity split, the dash was completely apart (and now resting on the folded down back seat) and the old radio was out. At this point Chad and I were still pretty certain doom & gloom and broken bits was around the corner.

We thought perhaps when we reached the soldering portion of the project that we had in fact discovered the part where it all went to pieces. Our soldering iron is antiquated at best. As in I had acquired it from some deep, dark corner in a far, far away place.  And the same was true of the solder itself. Much to my chagrin, Chad professed to having not much in the way of soldering skills. Well you know me, I’m always up for a challenge.  So I decided to give it a spin. What I learned: our soldering iron needs replaced. In order for it to work, you had to touch just the right part to the solder. No seriously, the one side was useless which meant the tool had to be held just precisely so, leaving no manual dexterity to work with the item that was being soldered. I looked as if I was doing delicate surgery instead of connecting wires.

But, a little patience and some black tape later…the wiring harness was ready to roll.

At this point we were running close on time and I wanted to get ready for the MAGPI Open, so I fired up the jeep and the stereo roared to life. Hooray for us!

And thus I was giddy with joy!

YAY for Bluetooth Music Goodness!

chris on May 3rd 2011 in Vehicles