Denver , We’ve arrive & you’ve been warned – July 2

We landed in Denver, admired some of the confusing / horrifying artwork and beat feet to Crooked Stave. Mission #1 – CHECK!  From there we headed to Former Future, although Chad was much saddened that we weren’t able to have any of their fancy short release beers. Timing is everything! Mission #2 – CHECK!

Happily full of food and beer, we headed out to walk and grab some geocaches. What’s this? A trail by water…sounds perfect! Mission #3 CHECK! 

And just for good measure we stopped by Declaration to try out their beer too, because of course we did! 

Day one is in the bag! Boom! 

Clickity HERE to go see our Google Photo Album because I’m too lazy to upload them to this blog. 


chris on July 2nd 2016 in Travel

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