I expect this is where I find out I am in the 1% minority that went “Whaaa?” when it was announced that not only were the WVU Mountaineers going to have a new tradition, but that it was going to be called the Mantrip.

Mantrip – n. shuttle used to transport coal miners down into an underground mine at the start of their shift and out again at the end.

Oh. That certainly clears things up. Thank you googletubes. Once more you prevent me from being completely oblivious.

The crowd really got into the Mantrip. From what I could see, anyway. Being very really cuts into what I can see when in a crowd. Also, the team was super sweaty as were all the folks that kept bumping into me. Eeeeew.

(Gratuitous shot of cloud of impending doom. )



chris on September 10th 2011 in Blogroll

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