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Rotten Little Ferrets

We currently have two weasels in residence.

Arcas is the stub-tailed, white bibbed wonder.

Clearly momma’s girl and very jealous of any attention not directed to her. This generally results in ferret on my foot, ferret digging at my foot and in extreme circumstances (according to Arcas’ definition) biting at my foot which is strictly forbidden, seriously. She’s a bit of a shit, but we love her anyway. I attribute her complete and utter disregard for the rules to the fact that her little tail is only 1.75 inches long. My little girl has short-tail syndrome. What she lacks in tail length, she makes up for in attitude.

Orlando is her daddy’s golden child.

She’s a sock hoarding, kleptomaniac who will drag off any sort of thing she can move. You would be surprised what she can move. I know I am. This has resulted in a new laundry routine whereupon I check all known ferret hidey-holes in order to accumulate all socks before washing. Orlando is wily though…and we are constantly missing socks. Most recently she’s drug off two (one from two pair I should type) of my fancy (expensive) hiking socks.

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chris on April 2nd 2008 in Animals