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Pheasant Mountain Epic Adventure

The best way to ring in Spring and a season of excellent caching is to start off with a group hunt for a classic cache.

Let’s see, who is the local cacher best known for meandering trails and elevation changes that could drive a man (or woman or cheese doodle) mad? Anyone? Suggestions?

You, over there…with your hand up. Wvcoalcat you say. Yes, I’m familiar with his trickery. His .75 miles as the crow flies from the parking coords to the cache. But if you can’t fly (and I can’t) it turns out to be a 10 mile round trip. Oh yes, I’m quite familiar with his brand of madness.

But which ‘coalcat cache? He’s been scattering them about the WMAs in these parts like a madman! Pheasant Mountain, you say. Sure, why not.

And so the call went out on MAGPI for any intrepid soul who felt compelled to spend his or her Saturday going up and down, around switchback after switchback, all in hopes of finding the elusive ammo can.

Now, according to ‘coalcat himself, it should have taken us 2 hours from our house. This meant shoving off at 8:30 to make the latest meeting time. No expedition departs the house on time, ever. It was 8:45 when loyal sidekick, myself and Aquacache and all of our equipment were situated in the Might Vue and set out.

Guess what? It didn’t take 2 hours. It took 1.25 hours. We showed up at the parking coords and a) we thought, no way could you fit 6 cars there and b) where the heck was everyone. We sat and waited. And then we waited some more and looked at the topo maps and tried to figure out how exactly this cache was going to be 5 miles in.

Eventually around, oh say 10:40 the brothers showed up.

Nothing like being timely. Then we saw the Mighty Festiva and knew that 89SC had arrived.

The group thus finally assembled, we headed out and up and down and around. Repeat. Again. Maybe Again. Are we there yet? No. What do you mean the GPSr still says 1.35 miles to the next split? We were that far away 20 minutes ago. Grumble, grumble, step in mud.

Eventually the distance did go down and we made the final dreaded climb. When the arrow swings 90 degrees and the distance is around 200 feet and your only option is UP….you can’t avoid it any longer.

89SC made the find and we all settled down to sign our name, take pics and try to recuperate for the long walk back….

Final Report: All cachers made it back to base. Everyone appeared to be intact. Everyone but the cache owner got a well-deserved smiley. Excellent adventure! Thanks ‘coalcat.

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chris on April 13th 2008 in Galleries, Geocaching, Links

Rotten Little Ferrets

We currently have two weasels in residence.

Arcas is the stub-tailed, white bibbed wonder.

Clearly momma’s girl and very jealous of any attention not directed to her. This generally results in ferret on my foot, ferret digging at my foot and in extreme circumstances (according to Arcas’ definition) biting at my foot which is strictly forbidden, seriously. She’s a bit of a shit, but we love her anyway. I attribute her complete and utter disregard for the rules to the fact that her little tail is only 1.75 inches long. My little girl has short-tail syndrome. What she lacks in tail length, she makes up for in attitude.

Orlando is her daddy’s golden child.

She’s a sock hoarding, kleptomaniac who will drag off any sort of thing she can move. You would be surprised what she can move. I know I am. This has resulted in a new laundry routine whereupon I check all known ferret hidey-holes in order to accumulate all socks before washing. Orlando is wily though…and we are constantly missing socks. Most recently she’s drug off two (one from two pair I should type) of my fancy (expensive) hiking socks.

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chris on April 2nd 2008 in Animals