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Hike on the Cheat

The Cheat River has been the scene of many a glorious, pony mangling cache adventures. The harrowing tale of Project No. 2459 where the Mighty Vue was sorely tested and the “path” was a pixie deer trail. Or Down the Cheat, where sidekick and I cheated with the help of Aquacache and Jeep’d in nearly the entire way.

It was with a little trepidation, therefore, that I signed on for yet another adventure along that cagey river. My decision was in no way influenced by the following:

  • I didn’t have to work the next day and so was free to spend quality time nursing my new (if any) injuries.
  • It was the single day of sunshine promised all week.
  • The cache had been DNF’d several times recently
  • The cache owner was going to be there with a fresh ammo can

Meeting up with the cache owner and his squeaky Jeep, and knowing that Route 7 is a windy evil thing, I offered to drive. It was that or spend the entire journey with my head hung out the window trying not to barf on the AquaJeep.

First stop as we played, “Hey have you got this cache yet?” was Multi at the Mart by the very evil wvhunter. Stage 1, no problem. Parked right in front of it. Stage 2 seemed as if it would be no problem until I got there and realized that I was going to be giving blood for this cache. I poked, I prodded, I climbed the pile o’stuff and came up empty. “^%$###@@$#$%@!)(*&*&^” I thought to myself.

After trying remarkably hard not to maim myself, I was ready to call it a DNF from my perch atop the pile o’stuff, but Aquacache (who had in fact been FTF) and was better dressed to battle the pointy plants continued on until the wondrous sound of wood striking plastic was heard. And there was rejoicing.

Having bested one of the brothers, there was time for a very quick stop at Browns Park Cache, which I should have found ages ago. Forgoing the bug spray (because I’m dumb) I marched to the hide which was guarded by a million mosquitoes. Oh boy, no good came of that I can tell you. Beat a hasty retreat to the Mighty Vue and finally off to the parking for A Hike on the Cheat.

The river was running nice and fast, but not nearly high enough to have wiped out the cache.

Glad I wasn’t around that day because it had clearly happened since not only was the original Can gone, the rock that had helped hold it in place had been moved a bit.

So, signed the log, popped in a horse shoe and hung out and waited while the cache owner tried to wedge the new (and smaller) ammo can in place. Let’s hope teh water doesn’t come back another time.

So that accomplished and with still plenty o’daylight left we headed back to the “scenic view of river” waypoint. Was hoping to see some kayakers in action on this trip, but no such luck. But since it was such a nice spot, we stopped and refueled – mmm, melted chocolate chip granola bar and mashed herb and cheese crackers. Now that’s good eatin’

So, in short. Nice hike. Nice hide. Beautiful scenery. Go do it now. Yes, now. Go. Hurry. Now.

chris on July 9th 2008 in Geocaching, Links

A Little sMAGPI

We had a plan and we stuck to it, despite the deplorable forecast which was rain. No, make that thunderstorms. Oh pshaw…what’s a little water, right? Uhuh. No one ever claimed geocachers were an intelligent bunch, that’s for certain!

And so three northern MAGPI ventured down mighty I-79 – pbump, barayamal and myself (SSPG) to meet up with our southern brethren – Knight Who Says Ni & wvhunter74.

We launched our assault at Little Creek Park. With one success under our belt we were soon smacked in the face with two DNFs. And a storm. Did I mention the storm…

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chris on July 8th 2008 in Geocaching, Links