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Prom Dress 2008

I was a day late and a dollar short when it came to deciding what to wear to the company Christmas party this year. Oh sure, I have a closet full of elaborate dresses. What girl doesn’t? But unfortunately quite a few of them had allready been pressed into service over the past 9 years. And I was too lazy and far too short on time to whip something together.

What did that mean exactly? That meant I reached into the magic closet of dress up and pulled out something rather old. I’m not sure the exact history of the dress I wore this year, but it came to me from Chad’s grandmother’s house. I had the same issue with his grandmother’s dress as I did with my Nun-nun’s dress last year. Man, our grandma’s were tiny. WAY tiny.

Borrowing from last year’s lesson, I took out the side zipper on the dress and stitched that seam up. I then cut the center and put in a placket & eyelets so the dress could be laced up. Voila! Perfect fit.


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chris on January 12th 2009 in Creativity

Free Tickets – SCORE!

I have connections. Well not really, but when someone drops four tickets to a NFL playoff game in my lap, I can at least put up the pretence. Four o’clock Friday afternoon I sat in my office, struggling to stay awake when my phone rang. If that was enough to get my heart rate up to maximum fat burning levels in about 3 seconds. The offer for four tickets to the Steelers / Chargers playoff game sent me into cardiac arrest.


After my early morning attempt to avenge a DNF out at the Botanic Gardens (let’s call this Epic Fail Part 2) which left sidekick shaking his head at my mania dedication to caching [it was below freezing] we headed up to Pittsburgh.


Without further ado, because in this instance the photos can do all the talking, allow me to let you see how the “beautiful people” (as Darrin said) watch football these days…


Chad and Darrin sweet talk the beer lady before nearly passing out when enlightened about the amount of the tab.




Darrin and Jay are pleased to be warm. So this is a football stadium, right?



I like football! Especially when there are clean, bright warm restrooms with no lines. Rocks out!



Do these guys look like they would send photos taunting their friend?



chris on January 12th 2009 in News

It’s a Whole New Year

Happy New Year!

The good news is we survived 2008.

It was a bizarre, annoying, trying, unusual year. And we made it through.

Bring On 2009!

chris on January 1st 2009 in Blogroll