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Caravan Caching Anyone?

You can tell Spring Fever is upon us when 89SC issued a call for cachers and 14 volunteers showed up despite the ever changing and unpredictable West Virginia weather.  Yes indeed, we are ready for Spring.

We rendezvoused at I See Bob and tried (not very successfully) to pare down to the least amount of vehicles possible. We got down to 8 before logistics got the best of us. So it was a rather large caravan of rather large vehicles (pbump, 89SC & myself being the exceptions) that was seen driving through middle-of-nowhere WV this weekend.

Our merry little caravan headed out to Seminole via Gypsy Camp. Nothing like stirring up a little suspicion among the locals because Gypsy is not on the way to anywhere. Parking was a little tight. And there was the little incident of a four-wheeler darting out in front of the mighty Subaru and scaring the life out of me <not to mention that of loyal sidekick who was driving>.

At that point we lost 89SC who really just wanted some company for the drive to Seminole. After all, the ruins were calling him. I had a moment where I almost abandoned ship as well when I heard the siren call of a horse in Seminole, but after certain dire warnings that I was most certainly NOT ALLOWED to return across the bridge with said pony, I decided to just get in the car.

We continued our tour of mostly nowhere West Virginia, periodically turning the parking areas of community centers, monuments and graveyards into scenes resembly used car lots.

After winding in and around doing quite a few fast caches including going out to through and beyond the Boondocks, we headed to the Center Branch WMA to grab The Lost Dozer & Who Wants to Go To the Can in Center Branch? We were re-joined at this point by 89SC who had apparently not aroused the suspicion of the Gypsy locals during his exploration of Seminole.

Because really, who can turn down an opportunity to go view one of 89SC’s finds? It’s not often that you get to climb all over a dozer without getting in trouble.

And without more ado (and because I’m feeling not very creative)….click below to see more pics of our adventures…

chris on March 7th 2009 in Geocaching