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Chad: “So we were in the border line…”
Mr. K: “Dude, what’s up with you and the Madonna songs?”

We were sitting in line at the Canadian border, on our way to visit the northern most branch of  Team Kuclick headquarters. We were pondering what exactly the correct term was for the inhabitants of Ontario.

“Ontarios. You know, like cheerios,” says Chad. I countered with Ontarians, which seemed much more likely. Hey, after being in the car for 5 or so hours, anything sounded good.

Finally it was our turn. Whereupon we had the following exchange.

Border Guy: Do you have any weapons?
Me: <kind of incoherent> No.
Border Guy: <grinning>But you’re from West Virginia.
Me: <puzzled look> We don’t hunt, if that’s what you mean.
Border Guy: <still grinning> But you’re from West Virginia.
Me: <catching on> Yeah, well they’ll be kicking us out soon you know.

Totally wearing cammo next time I visit Canada.

chris on March 22nd 2009 in Travel