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Team Kuclick Rides Again

As the Canadian branch of Team Kuclick  (CTK) said so succinctly, don’t call it a comeback. 

The U.S. branch of Team Kuclick (UTK) had been rather negligent in visiting the Far Northern branch HQ.  Our earlier planned trip fell by the wayside when sickness hit UTK and then scheduling hell caused more issues.

Our only concern this time was that the previous two times that Team Kuclick was together, SCW (Small Child W) took one look at Chad and had a complete and unstoppable MELT DOWN.  Catastrophic and utter rejection of Chad, the thought of Chad, the word Chad and all things Chadean.  The potential for disaster was high.  SCR (Small Child R) was cool with Chad though, fortunately.

In an attempt to ensure that Chad didn’t have to spend his visit in Canandia hanging out by himself in the guestroom, CTK undertook a PR campaign on behalf of  UTK.

“Friends are Coming!” 

“Yay! Chad and Chris are coming.”

“We like Brad Chad!!!”

There was only one little glitch. We were “grown up” friends, not exactly the friends that SCW & SCR were expecting, but after a close examination and some goofiness by Chad, we deemed the PR campaign a success.

After a complex navigation of our scheduling options (we actually were expecting a handout with our various choices) we decided upon morning at the gym and then an afternoon of hauling a wagon of children on a river trail in order to geocache. There’s always geocaching. Always.

The only downside to our epic geocaching adventure (yes, it was epic the kids had to fjord a stream and sidekick Engineer had to move a tree from our path – EPIC I tell you) was that it wore the grown ups out.  Unlike the rest of the landscape in the part of Canadia we were visiting, the river trail was not level. No. It was not. It had hills. And ice. Not to mention the 50 or so pounds of small children in the wagon being hauled behind sidekick Engineer & little wooden boy. And then there was the 24-ish pounds of small child that Purple Monkey Dishwasher was carrying.

So instead of staying up late after the kiddies went to bed and carrying on like we had planned, we crashed. Sidekick Engineer fell first and despite attempts by PMD to wake him, he missed out on the nachos. Little wooden boy fell next, stretched out on the sofa. He did regain consciousness for a fully caffeinated soda and nachos, but his time was limited.

PMD & I did our best to stay awake until at least 11 p.m. I think we made it, but I’m not sure. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

We had a better plan for the following day. Two words:  Endless Sushi. And geocaching.  Our plan was to tackle A Kach to Remember a 9 stage multi-cache and then have dinner.  After all, we had a wagon & a stroller. How could we go wrong? Well first there was the wind. And lack of gloves for PMD. And lack of sunscreen for me (what was I thinking?). And some early-on fussiness from the Giant Baby. Not to be daunted though, Team Kuclick perservered and found ourselves at the final. Whereupon I fetched the final while everyone else got chased by rather irate geese. 

Objective achieved, we headed for sushi. Suffice to say, enless sushi is a whole heaping lot of sushi. I think I’m still stuffed.

Good times, man. Good times.

chris on March 26th 2009 in Geocaching, Travel