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Spring Fever

So after being cooped up for EVER (or so it seemed, since all of February was marked right off the calendar) I started taking any and all opportunities – no matter how great or small – to get out and cache. I did solo runs to work on the WV County Challenge, I ran out and did random caches because it was warm. I drug other (partly unsuspecting) people out in the woods. I went to the Spring Fling. You know, the usual.

And since it was random & chaotic I had a pic here and a pic there but nothing cohesive and nothing worth its own post for certain.

And so therefore I present….photos from random caching moments in March (I am SUCH a slacker).

chris on April 25th 2010 in Geocaching

oh cranada

Back in March we took a trip up to Canada (or Cranada if you happen to be amused by the label on your Canadian friends’ sink & toilet) to see the rest of Team Kuclick. It’d been a long time since we headed North and we’d not seen the rest of TK since New Year’s.

It appeared that all the planets were going to be in alignment for our trip. I had no problem getting my vacation days approved. I was organized. Both our cars were inspected.  AND We were promised Canadian SUMMER temperature. Which confused me since the forecast was for 55 degrees Fahrenheit and we all know that MY concept of Summer involves 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Guess going a few degrees North in latitude changes ones perspective of appropriate Summer temperatures. (Yeah, I still packed my long john top.)

At any rate we headed out after work and since Chad was making such good time on the road, we figured we may as well drive straight on through instead of stopping in Buffalo as earlier planned. We arrived at the TK homestead in Canada sometime around midnight or so, after encountering the sole rude Canadian (at the border no less, what’s up with that?) and promptly crashed. After all, we had a BIG day of summer-like temperatures ahead of us.

As promised, the next day dawned with Canadian Summer temperatures (and even what I’d consider called WV Late Spring temps at one point). The sun was out, the wind was NOT blowing and it looked to be awesome out. Which of course means that we set out on the traditional Team Kuclick pastime of geocaching. We also took the opportunity to begin instructing W & R in the fine art of re-hiding the geocache so as not to alert the general public that under THAT cleverly stacked sticks / bark lay an awesome treasure.

After a brisk day of caching, marching through a marsh, pulling small children and generally enjoying Canadian Summer Temperatures we headed back to the TK headquarters for nourishment and regrouping. After all, we had plans for these Canadian Summer Temperatures. Big Plans. We were foiled, however, in our late afternoon (BIG) plans which involved sun & refreshing beverages since the early  Canadian Summer temps dissipated into a gale force wind (not really, but it was windy).  Please note, however, that this in NO way prevented certain menfolk from engaging in a rousing game of golf, where the golfer who was losing had to pull the cart. As you may imagine, playing in such windy conditions was a bit trying.

There was additional geocaching in non-Canadian Summer Tempertures. In fact, it began to flurry. But ha! We see your flurries and LAUGH in your general direction. (And the much anticipated endless sushi. Oh endless sushi….why do you not exist in West Virginia?) The geocaching involved epic fail geocaching whereupon PMD & I left the men folks with the kids and said “Oh we’ll be right back.” which are generally our famous last words. But the men folks, being accustomed to that muttered something, but were not quick enough to prevent our running off. Mostly because they knew what sheer joy geocaching brings PMD & me (or it could be because we didn’t really give them much choice…)

Halfway up this possible mud-flume of doom, while she is stuck in some shrubbery and I’m trying to figure out how to get around a tree, PMD looks at me and indicates that this was possible not the best idea of all times. And I say, “Eh, I do this stuff all the time.”  (and mostly because I have no common sense or people to make me stop) Despite some misgivings we made tit to the top of the possible mud-flume of doom and realized that A. We had all the kid supplies and B. PMD actually had kids. The latter being important since if she fell down mud-flume of doom, there would most likely be a child-rearing problem. While me…well I figure sidekick could handle the 2 ferrets and 4 cats by himself.  After a cautious (for PMD) descent we headed back, willing to accept our DNF.

Probably the best part of the trip (for me at any rate), however was when PMD and the girls took me and Ping on surprise trip to visit some of Ping’s relatives.

And so ends my late, short & lame post about our visit North.

chris on April 25th 2010 in Family