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Windmills & Windy Roads

Scouting a cache placement was a perfect excuse to take the Mighty Ion out on some windy West Virginia Roads.

And since I was in the Thomas / Davis vicinity, it was also a perfect time to get a few shots of the windmills.

chris on September 7th 2010 in Travel

5th Great MEAT-n-Greet

It was that time of the year again. Time to organized Fun & Food & Games & other stuff (which now has slipped my mind) for a ton of geocachers. As usual the gang over at MAGPI put on one heck of an event (makes me look good since I was the defacto cache owner).

There were no mishaps involving grills, no mysteriously late wvhunter, no return of the dreaded Bus Stop TB.

We did however realized that next year we must add the position of Ammo Can Medic to our roster. The Gent’s Division (and I so use that first word loosely) featured a .50 cal ammo can that took a bit of a beating. In fact it took two cans to complete the competion. The Mad Cow was the first one to suffer Ammo Can Malfunction when the handle popped. After fetching a new can, transferring the landscaping brick (what do you mean it was too heavy?) and taping the can shut with at least three layers of duct tape (yes, it was Duct Tape Brand Duct Tape) we had a second malfunction when the can exploded. Thanks to some quick thinking and a hammer…and of course more duct tape, we were able to salvage that can.

After the can triage, Wvhunter74 was in the lead. And thenl sidekick Little Wooden Boy stepped up to the plate and sent the winning toss soaring and then rolling. Not sure if the “slightly used” ammo can will ever make it into the woods as its predecessors have. It may take some serious triage to get it to shut properly and seal.

In addition to the Gent’s Ammo Can Toss we also had a Ladies’ Division with a (.30 call can) which was won by Beckie of FranknBeck (although yours truly, finally coerced into giving the can a throw just for the heck of it, came pretty close to tieing it up). And pbump was kind enough to fashion a PVC container for the Kids’ Division. As you may imagine, there was an awful lot of throwing.

New this year to the M-n-G was the GPSr Toss. Lest someone really take out his (or her) frustrations on the poor non-functional Garmins, this contest was for accuracy. Thanks to firemanjim who chipped in his busted Garmin 60CS to make life much more difficult for the cachers. (Why’s that? Because the other one was a Blue Garmin…different weights, different shapes. Yeah, sorry about your luck.)

At any rate, the idea behind this game is that there were three buckets: Large (and closest) worth 3 points; Medium (and in the middle) worth 4 points; Small (and furthest away) worth 6 points. You know what? Tossing a GPSr into a bucket is a heck of a lot more impossible difficult than it looks! So congrats go out to Wintz who managed to put the 60CS into the smallest bucket. (Upgrade for next year – buckets will be anchored AND there will be warm up trials before the competition begins.)

And so, as the saying goes “A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL.”

chris on September 7th 2010 in Geocaching