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Not that Creek

So I had a bit of free time and was looking to pick up a cache that perhaps involved a nice little drive.

How about GCKRT4 Virginia Iron Furance – which is not in Virginia, it is more nearly North of Albright.

I challenged my fellow cachers to figure out where I’d been that day.

Despite the general consensus of my caching friends that (and I am quoting 3_Dogs)  “If you took a photo from the middle of a stream it is likely a stream you’ve fallen in. How often do you find a stream and not fall in?” I had not fallen in this particular creek.

And of course once I denied that I had fallen in, 89SC said, “I was going to say Decker’s Creek but you’ve fallen in there more than once.”

It is nice to know that my reputation precedes me. I swear I get no respect around here.

chris on November 14th 2010 in Geocaching