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The Holidays

So we went to South Bend for Christmas. It’s always fun to have the family together. And we managed to get quite a lot of us all in one house.

There was a profuse amount of puzzles. Mamaw loves her puzzles and it’s really hard to not stop by and help when the puzzle just sits there, taunting you.

I lost county somewhere around four puzzles being completed. In fact we had such a puzzle emergency that Uncle Dan had to run out Christmas Eve and purchase some more. You know, just in case. Turns out it was a brilliant plan. We needed those puzzles.

And since it’s never really boring in the Berry Family….well you can see how we entertain ourselves aside from puzzles.

Yes. That’s right. Cornhole. In the great room. That’s just how we roll.

That’s not to say we didn’t take time out for the regular scheduled, hum drum of daily life. You know. Like washing the dog. In the kitchen sink.

It was a great Christmas with the family.

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chris on January 11th 2011 in Family