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Team Kuclick Rides Again

I’m sure there’s already a post about Team Kuclick riding again. But we ride again a lot. Or maybe it just seems like it. At any rate since we were in South Bend, Indiana for Christmas, Chad and I packed up the car and headed up to Team Kuclick Canadian HQ. And since we were in Indiana we took an entirely new route…oooh the excitement.

Arriving safe and sound on the evening of the 29th we had a good night’s sleep and were ready to do what we do best. Well, maybe do what we do second best, which is caching. Because I’m pretty sure what we do best is have forced marches in foreign countries, followed by bed cheese and bathtub beer. Then again, geocaching does typically fit into the forced marching category. And for Chad and I, at least, we were in an almost foreign country. Where was I? Oh yes, geocaching. It was time to go geocaching.

So we loaded up all 7 of us (it takes two vehicles) and headed out.

chris on February 28th 2011 in Family, Geocaching