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Altered Book – MAGPI

Back in November a group of MAGPI was working on completing the ExploreWV Geocoin Challenge. And since we are a sensible bunch on ocassion we thought that perhaps making one big sweep from Morgantown to Charleston to Huntington to Lillyhaven to Beckley to Cass would be a great way to get all the required caches and have a lot of fun.

And so yours truly, pbump, mrs. pbump, wvhunter, Gentleman-Carpenter, Aquacache, Rock_Rat & Knight Who Says Ni set off for high adventure! To commemorate the trip, I made this altered book. 


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chris on April 28th 2011 in Creativity, Geocaching

Winch Wiring

One week later Mike & I were again busy with the winch. Oh sure it looked good and all, perched securely on the front bumper. But it wasn’t going to do me any good without power.

And so without further ado (and far too early in the morning) we got down to the business of getting power to the winch.

First we got our major injury out of the way. I’m not going to share details, but suffice to say we probably should have waited until we were awake to start this project.

That being done, we got down to the actual business of taking stuff apart and putting it back together again. Having done all the research, Mike had a plan. Which was awesome because I was unable to focus and feeling somewhat lazy. The plan was to mount the power under the hood. The only problem was that my Little Black Jeep’s engine compartment is a wee bit crowded.

Not to be disuaded, however, we scoped out the landscape and found a place that just might work. But first there was the matter of some really gross battery cables which were prompty deemed REALLY GROSS  and in need of replacement.  Seriously, just look at the disgust on my face in the photo. That’s some nasty stuff.

So the short version of the story involves new wires, new ends, using this sweet drill press…

And drilling a hole through part of my jeep….

All in all, we escaped mostly unscathed (if you discount that first scrape with possible doom) and I ended up with a nicely contained solenoid in the engine compartment and the plug for the winch control inside the jeep.

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Done and done. Thanks Mike!

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chris on April 28th 2011 in Vehicles