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Click. Click

I’d been enjoying a nice leisurely day in Wheeling. The sky was blue, the air was fair to middling and the sun was not yet scorching the Earth. Since I had some time before I had to head home I thought I’d stop by one of my favorite cemeteries (yes, I have a hierarchy of cemeteries

Between dodging the veritable army of tree trimmers, weedwhackers, lawn mowers and the remaining groundskeeping foot soldiers I managed to snap a photo or 50 two.

Tthat is after I recalled re-learned how to use a scant few of the myriad of camera options available to me on my super fancy standard issue point and shoot Canon S90. Once I took 20 a few minutes to get that under control I was ready to roll.












chris on September 5th 2011 in Blogroll


Everyone now and then we get a crazy wild idea to go after an old school cache.

Mt. Nebo Excursion here we come!

It sounded like a fine idea. Fine enough that not only did sidekick sign on, but Gentleman-Carpenter & Aquacache threw in with us as well. Silly fools.

Things were going pretty well. We found stage one and stage two. Heck Gentleman-Carpenter even found a rather large birdhouse.

It was all going well until…we got to the stage that was missing. Which was bad enough. Until loyal sidekick got stung by a bee while trying to (literally) beat the bush. I sent out an SOS to a previous finder who….was unable to help us at all.

And so then we had a really, really good idea.  Why don’t we NOT go back the way we came. Why don’t we find a better path. Yeah. Typical MAGPI.

We took a long walk and made some really bad decisions. When we finally staggered back to the parking area…

chris on September 5th 2011 in Geocaching