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A Dark Day

It was a lifetime ago, or so it seems although really it was just a short 6 years, that Arcas “You’re Too Cute Shortie” came into the Matlick fold along with her sister, Orlando “SunKist”. The terrible twosome were 8 months old and quite a handful.

From the get-go it was obvious that Arcas, so named due to her little nubbins of a tail that made both Chad & I think of a tiny bear, was hell on wheels and most likely suffering from “Short Tail Syndrome”.  She had such an attitude and nothing would dissuade her from being the little shit that she was. We tried all the tricks in our bag: scruffing (neither of the girls had a scruff reflex); hissing (they hissed back); time outs in the cage (they ransacked the place); whistle (they tried to steal it); squirt gun (What’s this new game? they both asked). I was so desperate that I consulted a pet psychic. In the end, it was Arcas who trained us.

Our poor cats were in for a terrible surprise the moment Arcas & Orlando cleared the threshold of our house. With these two, the cats learned that the rule of “Paws Off!” was more or less for their own safety. And they learned quickly, for living in a three floor house, constantly climbing the steps meant Arcas grew to be one strong ferret, even at only 2 lbs. We would find her in places that baffled us. The cats had to rethink their escape plans – couches were no longer safe.

A few days ago I took Arcas outside for a little bumble around the back yard. She had a grand time surfing in the newly cut grass, drinking water from places I care not to think about and, even at the grand old age of 7, pulling herself up onto the top of the pond wall (no mean feat since it is smooth flagstone on top). Apparently the water from places I care not to think about wasn’t tasty enough. She wanted some fish water.

Last night around 9:30 my little girl came down to beg for treats – although it was more dignified than begging really. Mostly it was stand at my feet and make me feel guilty. Worked like a charm every time of course. Arcas always got what she wanted. I held her and let her have some delicious NOMs and the cats stared, as they tend to do, wistfully. After more delicious NOMs and some general being fussed over, Arcas bumbled off to bed.

This morning I found my little girl had fallen asleep never to wake. It was a horrible shock. Chad & I buried our little girl alongside her predecessors in the light fog of the cool morning.

Godspeed little Bumble, we’re going to miss you.

6/29/04 – 8/18/11

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