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It’s that time again. Time to trek to Charleston (which for me involved a side trip to see pony and a stop in Weston to meet up with CL Combat) to throw – yes I was the hostess with the mostest this time around – sMAGPI’s Fourth Annual Meat & Greet.

I bring the awesome, you guys bring the rest. Fun guaranteed. Pony’s Promise! (Sometimes I think of it as more of a threat than a promise.)

And so things got underway. Thanks to soldofsolitude (and his Dad) for bringing the most awesome grill ever. Seriously, a grill of that nature adds some level of sophistication to what was (and trust me here) a rather haphazardly thrown together event.

We did have a moment of trepidation when I had to draft grill masters. Although to be honest, it was more like assign or harangue. It just so happened to be the two guys loitering near the grill. I figured they must have been admiring the grill and thus showed some interest in using the darn thing.

After feeding the mass of humanity that had gathered we moved on to some games. OK. So the only activity really was the ammo can toss. And the tragedy of it all was I Spotty Spotty Pony Girl only had one ammo can laying in my basement that was ammo can toss worthy. Yep. ONE. And it was a .30 Cal at that. Oh the shame.

For those of you unsure why this would be shameful, please allow me to elaborate. 1. I’m a geocacher. I should have several toss worthy ammo cans stashed safely in my basement. 2. The men’s ammo can toss has traditionally been a fully laden .50 cal ammo can while the ladies’ ammo can toss has been a fully laden .30 cal ammo can. 3. The winner gets the can. UH OH.

But I’m wily and adaptive. So both ladies and men threw the same can. The men’s winner – wvhunter74 – got the can and the ladies’ winner – Allysmom got a finely crafted t-shirt. Problem solved kids.

While the ammo can toss was being played out (and yours truly was taking photos and trying to keep one eye on the can) who should drop anchor but local legend CaptJackSparrow! Avast mateys…’tis a pirates life fer we scallywags. Alas the Cap’n escaped portraiture.

And so with bellies full and prizes distributed….and after a bit o’ excitement that nearly remodeled the place….we went jeepin’

Yeah, we did. Two three Jeeps and one pick up truck hauling: pbump, mrs. pbump, SSPG, CL Combat, Knight Who Says Ni, wvhunter, Rock_Rat, Gentleman-Carpenter, AllysMom, Ally, Nuggie99 and wvmikiepar. And thank goodness for those last four folks since they were our leaders. Thus ensuring we actually arrived at Rt. 60 Connector Ridge #1 – Briarwood.

It was a mighty fine day.

chris on September 9th 2011 in Geocaching, Vehicles

Intruder Cat Returns

We have four cats. This may come as a surprise to those of you who have visited our house. Sometimes it comes as a surpise to me. And most certainly when Fall rolls around and we fetch Intruder Cat (Kimi AKA Kimithy)  and bring her home our three year-round cats are surprised, shocked and quite often angry.

And so it went on Thursday when Chad rounded up our wayward Siamese and brought her home.



She prefers to hang outside during the summer and has apparently developed a fan club who, upon seeing Chad stop to check on her, have been known to ask “You’re not taking her home yet, are you?” Yes, Kimi knows more of our neighbors than we do.

Ghost’s reaction to the (annual) return of an extra sibling was typical of our grumpy tabby. Angry stares of disbelief in our general direction. I’ll give her until tomorrow to walk into the room, stare at us and then turn her back on us while pointedly staring into a corner.



Seti’s reaction was also typical. (Seti is beautiful, but as dumb as a post.) Although at least this time she didn’t run and hide immediately after I snapped this picture.


And Freyr, well I never know what to expect from him. He went from pretending the situation did not exist to being defensive. After all he is the “boycat of the house”.


And thus as the sole male critter of the house (aside from Chad, but Chad has thumbs) he feels compelled to protect this house! If only I could find him some kitteh size Under Armour (although I suspect he would use his sharp pointy claws to shred me to death).


Let the jockeying for Chad’s attention begin. (Me? I’m not worthy of the effort.)

chris on September 9th 2011 in Animals