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The renovation continues

When we left off Chad and I had managed to clear about 1/3 of our second floor landing of the nasty carpet and sub-floor. We were pretty happy with the condition of the original wood floor. But we had run out of steam. After all, there were a lot of nails in that sub-floor.

After taking a day off to hand out candy and partly recover from the horrible allergy attack that was caused by our first foray into this project, we were determined to have  the landing free and clear of debris by the day’s end.

The first part had gone pretty fast so we were stupidly optimistic that the second would go equally as well. After all, we thought that dealing with four door thresholds had to have been the worst of it. And since we only had two more thresholds to go we figured we were free and clear.

After ripping up the carpet and padding Chad set forth to score the sub-floor at the entrance to the ferret room. We figured doing that would make life a lot easier since theoretically once I applied enough pressure with the crowbar, it would snap off.


As you may have guessed, things did not go quite so swimmingly. The previous piece of sub-floor had been one single sheet. So while it had a good bit of nails to hold it down, it wasn’t overly cumbersome to pry the board free with a crow bar.

The remaining 2/3 of the landing had sub-floor that was clearly assembled like a jigsaw puzzle. There were seams everywhere. I don’t know if they were too cheap to just go buy another full sheet or what, but it slowed our progress. Every seam had nails both at the seam and then about two inches back. And quite close together I should add. So close that in some instances I couldn’t get the crow bar between the nails.

Just about the time I thought my back was done, when my eyes were so itchy I could barely see and my sneezing was preventing me from breathing I realized that the nails from the last seam had not come out with the wood, but were still firmly anchored in our floor.

I’m sure we missed some nails. And I’m sure we will find them in the near future – the very near future. Everything considered though, it was relatively quick and relatively painless (Yes I’ve taken some ibuprofen, thanks for asking).

Above you can see the finished floor of our bedroom (top portion of the photo) against the recently uncovered floor. The nasty black stripe is where the glue from the bedroom tile had extended to the landing.

Otherwise, the floor is in much better shape than the bedroom floor was.  I’m still having allergy hangover, so I  figure it’ll be a few weeks (at the earliest) before we decide to rent the big ol’ floor sander and have at it. In the meantime, we put down a small throw rug.



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