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The 7th Great MEAT-n-Greet

Seven years.

Yep. Seven years our rag tag gang of cachers has been organizing and hosting this big ol’ pic-nic at Coopers Rock.

This year the weather was being a big ol’ pain in the arse. It was supposed to NOT precipitate. So I put the jeep’s top down and jammed in all my various rubbermaid buckets of stuff (note to self, tape the tops down on the buckets) and headed up I-68. I may or may not have been wearing a jacket.

I rolled in to find that MAGPI was already there. Geez. What is up with you over achievers? Seriously? I guess not everyone is a morning zombie like yours truly. Which is good. Because really, left to my own devices I’d still be trying to unroll our fancy new banner, let alone trying to hang it. But thanks to thebuddhaman having a ladder (EXCELLENT) and wvcoalcat having some mad knot tying skills coupled with string, we made short work of that.

As usual the set up went smoothly. No injuries, no bad decisions, no one lost. Oh wait, that usually only happens when we are actually caching. Right. Anyway…

So there I was minding my own business as folks started to slowly roll in when I look up and…Wait a minute? Is that Frank & Beckie? No way. They get closer. HOLY CRAP! It IS them! YAAAAAY! Our NC MAGPI have come home to visit! WOOOOHOOO!

As I said, the weather was temperamental at best and at one point water did finally pour down from the sky, sending folks scrambling to jam themselves under the pavilion and sending idiots like myself to put the top up on their jeep.

Not to be daunted by a little water, we set out for the ammo can toss – men’s and women’s division – while loyal sidekick Little Wooden Boy & CLCombat ran the GPSr Toss. Unlike previous years, no ammo cans were injured in the tossing. Nor were any cachers winged in their efforts to get good action photos. (There’s always next year I suppose.) And as I feared, loyal sidekick showed the rest of the menfolk up. So once more we get another beat up .50 cal ammo can to take back home and jam in the garage. One day, one day they will be hidden. Or something.

The frozen t-shirt contest was once again won by Baby Nubbins. I’m not sure if he practices in the off season. But whatever it is he does, the other frozen t-shirt contestants really should try to get some tips from him.

For not the first time, we had a bit of stumble with Find the X. In the past the lauded wvcoalcat had some difficulties finding the true ground zero. This year the GPS Gods did not look favorably on him OR the fancy schmancy professional surveyor computer program hosed. Either way, Ground Zero may or may not have been where Ground Zero was. None-the-less, we still had a winner. Congrats to Hurkeimer! And everyone else looked ridiculous and isn’t that what this is all about?

And so, stuffed with delicious food, tired from flinging cat litter filled ammo cans and wet from trying to wear recently frozen t-shirts, the cachers disbursed.

Thanks to everyone to came together to once again pull off a great day of fun at Coopers Rock! See you next year!

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