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Phipps in March

It was good Friday and since I had the day off, Chad and I headed up to Phipps Conservatory to enjoy some sunshine and flowers.

After all, Spring was definitely on the way, not that you could tell from our flower beds which are constantly months behind.

Also, it was delightfully warm inside. Delightfully warm, I say!

Or maybe that was just the desert room.

At any rate, it was a lovely day. The orchid room is always mindblowingly colorful and well…just great.

There were very cool glass sculptures throughout the exhibits. I really liked the ghost men that could be found frolicking through the water feature.

And just as we were wrapping up, I found the place that I was going to spend the rest of forever…

The best part? Chad posted a photo of me at Phipps on facebook. And what did his friends comment? Not how much they liked Phipps, but where the closest brew pubs were located! Of course. So we ended up at Fat Head’s. Because, well why not?

Happy Good Friday, indeed.

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