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Umbrella Escape

So, Chad and I took a little vacation to enjoy some time sitting in the sun and completely zoning out.

On our second day of hitting the beach we found it to be quite extremely windy. Our first attempt at umbrella planting didn’t go so well. I was concerned that the darn thing was going to take off and go whipping up the sand. Chad was more concerned about getting hit in the head. Which he had just so stated, when the wind grabbed the umbrella, lifted it up just enough to clear the sand, and then flung it at Chad’s head.

I made a quick grab of the dastardly umbrella and was trying not to laugh when Chad turned to me and said, “See? Like THAT.”

We managed to tilt the umbrella at a rakish angle and for a while all was good. We read. We ran down and splashed in the not super warm water. And then we decided it was time to take a little stroll over to Buddy’s Crab House & Oyster Bar. (Just to clarify, they have drinks & hot dogs, but that’s it. On the plus side, it’s under a 5 minute prance across the hot sand and sun baked asphalt. Well, I mean plus in addition to it being a bar.)

After a few refreshing mojitos and a Jane’s Lightening Bug (ask for it by name!), we headed back to the sand and were happy to see our errant umbrella was still hanging out right where we left it. Also, the rest of our crap was still there as well. So there’s that.

We picked up where we’d left off, reading and relaxing. When suddenly, it got an awful lot brighter. I looked up, the umbrella was gone! I looked behind me and there it was, starting to make its great escape up the beach.

Me: “Um, Chad. You might wanna get that.”

Chad, glancing at me, clearly not sensing that he was no longer under the shelter of the umbrella: “What?”

Me, looking up: “The umbrella, it’s gone.”

Chad: “Oh, shit.”

Pass the sunblock, would you?

chris on June 11th 2013 in Travel

Kitty Boot Camp

This morning Chad comes in to the kitchen holding Freyr, our red tabby boy cat.

Chad: Someone is getting fat.

Me: Freyr tell Daddy it’s middle age spread.

Chad: Still holding an unhappy and mewling Freyr

Me: Besides, they don’t have kitty boot camp.

Chad: I’d bet some serious coin they do have kitty boot camp.

Me: Freyr’s NOT going to kitty boot camp.

Chad: No. No, he’s not.

I hope to God I never come home and find a kitty boot camp set up in our living room.

chris on June 2nd 2013 in Animals