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Still having fun with that floor

I finally got up enough motivation to start ripping up the ugly green tiles in Bj’s Room. It’s not going quite as quickly as I’d hoped. The green stuff is more less randomly stuck to the black paper barrier which I shall just refer to as tar paper since I really don’t know what it is.

While I was down on the ground, face level with the trim I found some horrific things. Either I had never noticed what the hell was going on around the little closet (more like clothes press to be honest) or it had so horrified me 10 years ago that I had completely blocked it from my mind.

And yes, that’s as bad as it looks in person. No, actually it looks worse in person because you can see the super half-arse job of plastering that was done around the cheap, cheap, cheap trim that was slap dashed up. Oh god I’m twitching again just thinking about it! It’s worth noting that I didn’t break or damage that area in any way while pulling up the carpet. It has been that slap dash since it was installed. Yikes!

How slap dash? How about not cutting the miter right and then just jamming in some odd bits of wood? Yeppers.  Part of me was kind of hoping I could just step back and pretend that whole disaster is not sitting there. After all, it’s behind the door and no one can see if if the door is open. Alas, I know it’s there. I know it’s awful. And there’s no way I’m going to be able to let that be. Coincidentally enough, I have some pretty nice trim jammed up in the rafters of the garage.

Anyway, I did manage to focus a little and get some more of the green stuff up. As you can see, there is still furniture and some other odds and ends sitting in the room that will need to be moved before I really get into this project all the way. Not to mention the bookshelf full of books.

All in all, I’m WAY ahead of the game if one compares this floor project to our bedroom floor project. That thing clocked in around 8 months or so. Onward & upward.

chris on October 13th 2013 in Blogroll