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I went to the grocery in search of chicken liver. There was none. There hasn’t been any at either of the two locations of the store at which I shop. In fact, the spot where chicken liver belongs – it’s in the freezer section quite near the fake meat – is no longer there. It’s as if little tubs of chicken liver never existed.

Now personally, I find the idea of liver of any sort repugnant. But the liver isn’t for me, it’s for the ferrets; they love it. Well, two of them the love it. Our dainty little girl Fionnlaugh finds chicken liver to be off putting. I can’t say I blame her, honestly.

Anyway, back to the chicken liver. Loving husband suggested that since chicken liver was not to be had that I give beef liver a shot. Maybe it tastes like chicken, or chicken liver. I was willing to give it a shot. So I purchased a thing of beef liver.

Unlike the tub of chicken liver though, the beer liver is in heat sealed plastic. It’s sitting on the floor of my car. I did the self-checkout and didn’t get a bag. I hate the plastic grocery store bags because I’m responsible for making sure they get recycled. Usually I bring my own bag. But today I did not. Oh well.

I did my liver run at lunch. And, as I said, the slabs of liver are sitting on the floor of my car. I park in a climate controlled garage. I’m slightly concerned that by 5:00 pm it is going to be well along the path to melty goodness. Oh well, l’ll just consider that one step saved.

I’ve been thinking about just plopping down a slab of the beef liver on a plate and see what the ferrets do. On the other hand, I don’t want little bloody ferret prints all over their room. Also, I don’t want to have to give them a bath. And mostly, I don’t want to have a slab of beef liver drug around the house.



Despite the fact that Shadowfax freaked out with eagerness while I was cutting up the beef liver, she and Duncan categorically rejected it. I tried to feed it to the cats. They also categorically rejected it.

(Also, it had completely defrosted in the car and the heat seal of the package wasn’t so awesome. There may have been some blood on my floor mat. )



I found more chicken liver at a different purveyor of groceries. I bought four tubs. And a gallon of milk. The milk was for us.

chris on March 12th 2014 in Animals