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Paralyzing Inability to Pack

I’m sitting here. Staring at the page in my notebook. It’s my packing list, broken down by electronics, things to do, and other non-electronics that I’ll need. It doesn’t mention clothes. I mean surely, I’ll remember to pack the clothes. Not that it matters, because I’m staring at it, but I’m sure not registering anything on the page.

I snap back. Look at the list. Put my pen down. Whatever. I have another list on my phone. Probably the same stuff, but not broken down at all. This. This is how I deal with the paralyzing inability to actually pack. I make lists. And I think about the lists. I just don’t do anything with the lists.

Well, I don’t do much. Sure I dug the big camera (known to normal folk as the DSLR) out of the closet, charged the batteries, wiped the memory card (hello compact flash) and put the extra card Deanna lent me with the camera. Then I realized that all of that was rather pointless as I’d be using the camera Saturday. I don’t leave home until Monday after work. 

I’ve had lots conversations about this trip. About what to pack. How to pack. How I’m going to deal with living out of a carry-on for 5 days once we’re off the boat. (I’m pretending THAT isn’t happening, that’s how I’m dealing with it at the moment.) About how many geocaches I’d like to get. I’ve talked to Sprint about service. I’ve copied the flight info and the boat itinerary and made sure Chad has it. But honestly, what I know for certain is this: I’m going to Alaska with Arissa. We’re leaving Tuesday. We will have a blast. That about covers it. 

chris on July 3rd 2014 in Travel