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Because I have no self discipline

I’m leaving for Alaska Tuesday. Today is Friday. To be more accurate, I’m leaving my house Monday evening. I have a bag with some stuff in it – neck pillow, medicine (hey, you never know), DEET, binoculars, that sort of thing. And beside it on the sofa the early stages of packing. Or as I like to call it, preparation. Most people, they would not call it that. Most people would call it a pile of clothes. Which is exactly what it is. A pile of clothes. In no particular order. That will most likely be placed neatly in my suitcase. 

And then, when I weigh the suitcase and it is so far under the allotted 50lbs, I will start throwing a bunch of random crap in there that will probably end up being what I actually wear. I’m not real good packing for 15 days away from home. Not good at all. Also, I have no idea what the hell we’re going to be doing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Arissa told me. I even have a nice print out. But really, I’m along for the ride (and the Alaskan geocaches).  Toss in the inability to get a firm grasp on what the weather will be – 58 and rainy, 67 and sunny? I don’t know! Someone tell me! I fall back to my paralysis. JUST PACK IT ALL! PACK IT ALL! 

It won’t matter. In all the photos I’ll be wearing the blue fleece or the blue rain jacket. And a hat. But which hat. See, back to the same problem. Baseball cap? Cute hat? I don’t have a packable cute hat. Booney hat? That seems ridiculous. Someone stop me. Or the next thing you know, I’ll have four different hats in the suitcase and will still buy another in Alaska. 

chris on July 11th 2014 in Travel