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9th Great MEAT-n-Greet at Coopers Rock

(Apologies in advance, this post is a little buggy. We just updated and things aren’t coming together quite as they should. I could like and promise I’ll fix it, but instead I’ll just say, if you click on the gallery links at the bottom the photos seem to be showing up ok. )


It’s that time again. The 9th Great MEAT-n-Greet at Coopers Rock!

Well, this year it’s a week early because I’m leaving for Alaska in two days. Not that the event couldn’t go on without me, there’s plenty of MAGPI to keep things running smoothly. But it helps to have all hands on deck.

IMG_1210    IMG_1209

First we had the frozen t-shirt contest. Amazing how fast cachers can go from using high tech gadgets to caveman tools if it means winning a prize!


IMG_1216  Uplayoutside work on two shirts

 IMG_1217 (that’s megs_q who joined us from Australia!)

 Ladies & Gentlemen….our winner! This young cacher bested everyone and had his shirt completely melted and on lickity split!


From there, we ate! Thanks to the oustanding efforts of Gentleman-Carpenter and his lovely wife Becky. And pbump who made an emergency charcoal run. Oh how very much we phoned this event in this year!


After stuffing ourselves silly, it was time for the games to begin in earnest.

Ammo Can Toss

As usual, nothing goes off without a hitch. And the Ammo Can Toss was no exception. We had not marked our Ammo Can Toss territory well enough and a large pic nic invaded. We had no choice but to fly by the seat of our pants (a MAGPI specialty) and while the crowd milled about, Loyal Sidekick settled on a place that didn’t seem like it would get too many spectators injured.  The cans, on the other hand, had quite a few rocky encounters.

IMG_1224  IMG_1225


We had three divisions: Kids / Ladies / Gentlemen

And there was some posturing as the distance grew….


But, as it turned out, a blast from the past –  89SC – won top honors in the Gentlemen’s Division. Our Ladies Winner was Tammy of uplayoutside. The Kids Division was won by ThorScouts.


From beating the heck out of ammo cans we went to the accuracy game of GPSr Toss.


Winners were TroopBiz and once again…ThorScouts! Nice throwing fellas.

And last but not least, the reveal of Find the X. Unlike previous years, wvcoalcat had a pretty good idea of where he’d put the pin to begin with. And wouldn’t you know it, the winner didn’t even use his GPS to plan the flag! Cache Weasel just walked out to the field and found the x all by himself. He actually hit the pin with his flag! We didn’t get a picture of him though, he was busy having fun crawling on the rocks near the pavillion.


Thanks for another great year of fun everyone! Hope to see you next year at the 10th!

Here’s the full gallery. There are shots of everyone that tossed the ammo can!

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