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Alaska – Day 3 At Sea

(For the record, Civil Twilight last night was around 10:00 pm. YES! I may never sleep!)

Hey look! A lighthouse!

Deanna told me that if I was at all prone to seasickness the day in open sea might be rough for me and to proceed with caution. Was she ever so right. Even with my pressure point sea bands I was not real happy feeling the boat wobble side to side when near the bow or stern. It was obvious to my equilibrium it was moving all the time, but I was particularly traumatized when at either end of the damn thing. Pretty much everyone was walking like they’d had too much to drink the night before. So at least I knew it wasn’t my imagination that the ship was bobbling around.

Because I’m glutton for punishment, I decided to go ahead and go to the 11:00 yoga class. Nothing like trying to figure out why my legs were twitching so much in a forward stretch only to realize that the floor itself was vibrating – I swear the engines must be below the workout room floor.  Also, not so many challenging poses because…well the ship was all over the place. Hell’s bells, I could barely keep a warrior II, let alone a crow. Flop. Nothing like a bit of humility!

So what I discovered during yoga was that the ship’s bobbling didn’t bother me quite as much if I was active and moving. I tucked that little bit of info away and hoped that I wouldn’t have to spend all day today pacing the ship. I also discovered that when the stupid breakfast & lunch dining room is at the ship’s bow and there’s a lovely view of the water and the ship is bobbling, I can’t take it. At all. No matter how delicious the sushi was I could only sit still so long. I could tell by Arissa’s face that I was looking not so great, so I went back to the room, popped some Dramamine and passed out.

Dear Sea, why do you hate me? WHY? Food. Dramamine. Face plant. (But hey, no barfing yet!)

Three hours later I was still alive and just waking up. Both good signs. Tonight is formal night so I went with the dress most likely to not fit after several days of too much food. We decided to do formal portraits, because there was no obligation and why the heck not. I mean when given the chance to wait in a line, who wouldn’t jump at that? When we finally got to the photographer, he asked if we were together. And we said yes, but then Arissa said, but not together, together, so don’t pose us like a prom photo! heheheheh.

chris on July 17th 2014 in Travel