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Minor victory in that I held it together enough to not vomit. The sea was still churning a lot. Basically I felt like I had a hangover, but without any of the merriment leading up to it. I don’t know if this Coke helped, but at least it had my name on it.


Trying to shower in the tiny shower while the ship was moving all over the place was quite an experience. Oh my kingdom for solid, non-moving, land beneath my feet! Going out on the balcony and looking at the scenery made me feel better.


We spent an awful lot of time trying to reorganize our suitcases since we were doing the land portion of the trip and the handout indicated we wouldn’t have access to our big suitcase. So I was trying to figure out how in the hell I was going to pack 5 days worth of clothes into my hiking backpack, as well as my 357 pieces of electronics. And Ping. After much gnashing of teeth and declaring it to be flat out impossible, we did some digging and found that, much to our relief, we would indeed have access to our big suitcases. Just not for the 9 hours we were on the train. Well who gives a flip about that.


Having successfully gotten that mess under control. And then having to unpack because we realized we needed dress shoes for dinner tonight and both of us had packed them up, we decided to grab some lunch and have it on the deck since the sun was out – also I was hoping being outside on deck would maybe reduce my barfiness feeling. As luck would have it, The Lego Movie started playing on the outside screen and I told Arissa that we really, really, really had to sit down and at least watch the beginning. Right. We watched the entire thing, sitting there in the blinding sun with no sunglasses. I had my hoodie pulled over to shade my eyes and she sat there with her hand up so she could see for the entire movie. HAHAHA. We’re idiots.


Our string of idiocy continued later on. Arissa had put her two suitcases out to be collected and taken to the train when we made port at some terribly early hour. I was taking my suitcase out to hand it to her only I stepped out of the door because it was heavy. Arissa said, ‘Don’t let the door shut!’ about the time it slammed shut. So yeah. She was barefoot, our porter was nowhere to be found and so I had to march my happy little self down to have a new key made.


But most importantly, I SAW AN OTTER!!!! It was being super cute (are they ever not super cute?) and doing adorable little otter things.

chris on July 22nd 2014 in Travel