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I’m going to own up and say out right, I was quite pissy to only have one full day at Denali NP and I could not for the life of me figure out why we had to go to Denali State Park and get stuck there when apparently – according to the map. So you may imagine my general ‘death to all things’ mood as we tried to navigate the chaos of getting on our bus.

Jesus people, read your damn hand out and stop freakin’ pushing me out of your way. I do not care that you are elderly. You don’t get to be rude because you are old. Also, we had to continue to try to avoid Mr. & Mrs. Grumpy McGumperson as they were also on our bus. Damn. So we passed this place Wal*Mike’s, which believe it or not, Wal*Mart actually gave an official store number. So yeah, Alaska is pretty hilarious; Portland, you’ve got nothing on this state!

So we arrive at the next lodge, which by the way is 50 miles from Talkeetna. Which is to say, pretty much in the middle of nothing. And I realized that Alaska is a big state, but really I could not figure out why a lodge had been built here. Especially since they told us that if we wanted to go to Talkeetna, we had to take a bus and it was $10 and it was blah, blah, blah – in other words, from what we could tell Talkeetna was not worth the hour and a half bus ride.

We couldn’t find much else to do so we decided to head to Talkeetna anyway, because as my friends & family know, I don’t sit still very well and I needed something to do. It was GREAT! Small, very small, but so much good stuff crammed into a small town, food, a brewery, geocaches, cool little shops filled with locally made neat stuff!

We feasted,we shopped, I enjoyed Alaskan beers. Arissa had wine. It worked.

And we may or may not have walked across an active runway while geocaching. Hmmm, perhaps I should have used the other map, not the one on my phone.

You know the one they handed out to us. Or maybe, just maybe, the folks in charge of the walking path may have wanted to put an “Active Runway, Do Not Cross” sign where the trail meets the runway. Which, in our defense, looked like a field (which I suppose technically it was). There was one on the other side of the runway, near the road. Not real helpful. Perhaps this should have been a clue. Or maybe the plane we saw inexplicably taking off through the trees. Ah, yes. Now it all made sense.

When we returned to our lodge I figured why it was built in the middle of nowhere Alaska. Because it had a perfect view shed of Denali when the mountain deigned to peek out from the clouds. Not that we’d seen it.

Take a look at the full gallery. Neat stuff therein


chris on July 25th 2014 in Travel