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4,000 caches

I found my 4,000th cache today.  Being recently returned from Colorado, which had turned into an unexpectedly prolific caching trip, I found myself sitting at 3,995 caches found.  A quick few grabs had me perched at 3,999 and ready to take on a milestone worthy cache.

I try to go for old,  epic,  noteworthy, caches when it is milestone time.  This weekend it also had to be relatively close to home because Sidekick and I were still recuperating from vacation. And so I picked Paths of the Dead (Boots) GCMWGM, which was placed February 26, 2005, which coincidentally is the day Purple Monkey Dishwasher & I started caching.  Talk about symmetry.

It was an 8 mile round trip and while the trail was not taxing,  having been away from the muggy heat fest that is home, it took a little more out of us than it usually would have.

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chris on July 16th 2016 in Geocaching

Ciao Colorado, you were amazing – July 11

So long Colorado, you were a blast. I’m kinda sad it took us this long to meet you. 

Although, your airport murals still scare the hell out of me! 


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chris on July 11th 2016 in Travel

This peak has a number, not a name at RMNP- July 10

Another early morning. Rocky Mountain National Park is crazy busy which is great, until you want to find a parking spot. Then you selfishly rather wish it wasn’t so busy. Our target today was an unnamed peak referred to as Peak 12,150 on the Continential Divide. Chad had stumbled on this particular hike after talking to a guy up at Sky Pond and then doing some further research. 

Like the Sky Pond hike, this one exceeded expectations. We were above the tree line for most of it, on a windswept, cold, bare trail. It was amazing! We saw mountain goats and met a nice couple who we shared lunch with before they continued onward. 

Again, I’ll let the photos do the talking. 

Clickity HERE to see the glory that is Rocky Mountain National Park.


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chris on July 10th 2016 in Travel

Hike your arse off to Sky Pond July 9

Chad woke me up super early to drive into Rocky Mountain National Park so we could get a parking spot – it’s harder than you think – to get the bus to the trailhead to hike to Sky Pond. I managed to rein in my crankiness because I really, really wanted to do some hiking here. 

It was spectacular! Amazing. A beautiful day for a beautiful hike in a wonderful National Park. No need for more narrative than that. 

Check out the pics HERE, you won’t be disappointed. 



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chris on July 9th 2016 in Geocaching, Travel