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Denver, Geowoodstock & Beyond – July 3

It’s Geowoodstock Time! Hooray! So yeah, we did that. We got many caches at the event. 

But then we decided we’d had enough so we headed out to do some real caching on a mountainous trail outside of town. It wasn’t too bad, until we were up on some rocks scrambling around for a cache and the distinct sound of a storm blowing in stopped us. We signed, jammed the cache back and bolted off the rocks. It seemed like a real doozy was coming in, but lucky for us, all we got was the wind. Whew. That was good because the trail would have become a creek, without a doubt! 

We hit a couple local breweries up – Denver Beer Co & Diebolt because they were on the GW14er pub crawl. 

Ended the day with a fine breakfast at Breakfast King! 

Goodnight Denver, I’m exhausted. 

Clickity HERE for the gallery of this fine day. 


chris on July 3rd 2016 in Geocaching, Travel