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Black Canyon of the Gunnison – July 6

National Parks are amazing! I’ve been to a few over the years. Until we started planning this trip, however, I’d never heard of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. How spectacular could it be, I wondered, if I’d never heard of it. 

Answer: Beyond my wildest imaginings. This park is flat out unbelievable. It’s so much to take in. We spent a great deal of time staring into or across the canyon and trying to figure out what we were seeing. There were so many layers and the river was so far down that a goodly bit of the time we could only hear it, not see it. 

We scoped out a good camping spot and headed out to the Park Ranger talk. Boy was that a good call because the Ranger then led us to the telescopes the local astronomy club had set up for us to use. And since Black Canyon of the Gunnison is a Dark Sky Park, there was so much to see above us. The Milky Way was awesome, in the real sense of the word. And what we glimpsed through the telescopes gave me chills. 

If you have the opportunity to get her, take it. If you don’t have it, make the opportunity. You will not be disappointed. 

Click HERE for some pics that just can not do this park justice! But click anyway!


chris on July 6th 2016 in Geocaching, Travel