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Great Sand Dunes – July 7

Aside from Rocky Mountain National Park, I was looking forward to Great Sand Dunes when we first started planning this trip. I thought it must be amazing to sled down the dunes! I did not consider that first one must lug a sled UP the dunes before riding it down. And it had been a very long time since I’d walked in sand. It didn’t take long for me to abandon my plan to sled these dunes. We made it up to Star Dune, which is NOT the highest dune. The highest dune was another 1.5 miles or so further away. We did not have it in us. Did not. 

Still Great Sand Dunes did not disappoint. It was a blast to watch other people lug their sleds around and take a run down. Or watch kids frolic and flop in the sand. The wind was pretty wicked, so we got a nice free dermabrasion session on any exposed skin! Man are my legs gonna be so nice and soft…once they stop burning! 

The sand was so hot, it melted the glue that held the sole to my shoe! 

Clickity HERE for photos and a few videos of us messing around at Great Sand Dunes NP


chris on July 7th 2016 in Travel