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4,000 caches

I found my 4,000th cache today.  Being recently returned from Colorado, which had turned into an unexpectedly prolific caching trip, I found myself sitting at 3,995 caches found.  A quick few grabs had me perched at 3,999 and ready to take on a milestone worthy cache.

I try to go for old,  epic,  noteworthy, caches when it is milestone time.  This weekend it also had to be relatively close to home because Sidekick and I were still recuperating from vacation. And so I picked Paths of the Dead (Boots) GCMWGM, which was placed February 26, 2005, which coincidentally is the day Purple Monkey Dishwasher & I started caching.  Talk about symmetry.

It was an 8 mile round trip and while the trail was not taxing,  having been away from the muggy heat fest that is home, it took a little more out of us than it usually would have.

chris on July 16th 2016 in Geocaching