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Farewell, Yeti, our loveliest Marshmallow

It’s a very sad day in our house, and the bookending of an era, as we send off our loving, gentle boy Yeti.

Our most patient, gentle, soft sweet Yeti, Signor Pants, the Pantaloni, Bestest of Marshmallows, lived a long, good life – reaching 8+ years with us, which is quite an accomplishment for a ferret – let alone one from the streets (literally) of Pittsburgh.

Yeti and his brother Sasquatch has been found surviving with a feral cat colony in Pittsburgh, during the previous winter. Sasquatch clearly had been taking care of Yeti, who was deaf, making sure he was safe until – and after – they were rescued. While his brother had interested adopters, poor Yeti had not one and they were definitely a bonded pair – so much the better for us!

We brought the boys home on December 19, 2015, and I immediately declared that those idiots who weren’t interested in adopting my sweet Yeti because he was a deaf Dark Eyed White were absolute morons! He provided many solid hours of cuddling for the humans, which is not standard ferret behavior! Not only that, he was the paragon of patience dealing with his new sister who hated everyone who was not her brother Duncan, in stride.

Being such a calm, relaxed dude, who happened to be deaf, Yeti was a great ambassador ferret! He enjoyed going to the multitude of parades that Morgantown hosts (god we host a lot of parades). 

went to Arts Walks,

Block Parties,

the Farmers Market, the Ferret Frolic…you get the picture! He was always happy to be held by folks and have his photo taken.

Our big Marshmallow was a great traveler, preferring to sleep in his hammock as we rolled up or down the interstate until we reached our desination. He quite enjoyed his vacation Black Water Falls, where he got into the cabin’s cold, but cinder filled, fireplace rendering him mostly more grey than white!

About a year ago, Yeti, now solo, graciously accepted a tiny little white peanut named Inanna into his life. She was a lunatic, but he made sure to make her feel welcome and safe, curling up with her as she acclimated into our home.

A few months after that, he went with us to meet and pick up his troublesome baby brother Fenris. The big ol’ Pantaloni comforted the baby on his first night away from his mom and siblings as we all tried to sleep in a hotel room. Yeti was a great big brother, again making sure the newcomer felt safe.

On Wednesday, April 15, our Yeti left this world. It was his time. He’d had a long, full life, had many ferrety adventures and been a great ferret ambassador and big brother. After eight years, it was his time. We did our best by him, but it doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye. With his passing, we’ve now closed another chapter in our ferret people saga.

Godspeed, my boy. Your brother is waiting.

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