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a few things

Today I had three things I needed to do.

1. Vote – the WV Gubernatorial Election (yes, again for what seems like the 35th time in a few months) is Tuesday and I won’t be home. So I need to go vote early (Vote Early! Vote Often!).

2. Go to the WVU / Bowling Green football game.

3. Get a cache.

#1 was the easiest of the lot. I knew exactly where my voter card was and knew exactly where the early voting polling place was. And it wasn’t crowded. At this point I was thinking….heck yeah, today is gonna be a good day.

Well that lasted long enough for me to drive home and realize that:

A. It was maybe 43 degrees outside
B. It was raining way harder than the predicted “light rain”
C. Mountaineer Field is not an indoor stadium

All of a sudden #2 was looking like not a lot of fun. I was already fussing and trying to figure out which layers of parka to wear when Chad started mentioned things like Long Johns and Gloves. Still, not to be daunted I layered up (three layers of shirts),  grabbed my parka (three layers of parka, but I was only wearing two to the game, the third I brought along just in case), two pair of gloves (yeah, yeah, yeah) a blanket and a trash bag. Let’s GOOOOO…catch pneumonia!

I may as well come clean. I only went to the game because I knew our tailgate was serving seafood and seafood day is by far my FAVORITE tailgate of all season.

While sitting in the pouring (not light) rain at the game I suddenly realized that:

A. It really was pretty freakin’ miserable.

B. Villain was probably thinking it was really freakin’ miserable outside, since….

C. Villain’s blankets were sitting on our porch STILL waiting to be laundered.


Upon returning being chauffeured home by B, I gathered up the smelly horse blankets and headed out to the laundry mat. Those blankets are not going in my washing machine. No. Way.

I try to go to the laundry mat when no one else is going to be there. After all, horse blankets are smelly and dirty. And it’s kind of embarrassing when people start staring at the washer you are using because the soap suds are dark brown. Fortunately the place was empty. I drug in the blankets, threw them in the machines, chucked in my $9.50 (total) and then got ready to sit back and knit the evening away. Until I noticed the first washer wasn’t doing anything. Nothing. At. All. No blinking, no spinning, no water. Just sitting. $4.50 and it was just sitting there.

I jiggled the latch. Nothing. I banged on the machine. Nothing. I opened the latch…and suddenly the machine sprang to life!  Satisfied it had started I shut the latch. And it stopped. Unlatched it, started again. BUT you can’t leaving a front loading washing machine unlatched (particularly when it is working) because all those nasty brown suds will come flying out. Oh yeah. So yes, I did stand there, holding the door shut all the while slowly sliding across the highly polished floor of the laundry mat. Damn I love that stupid horse.

Which left only #3 on the list remaining – get a cache today. This was necessary because since the beginning of my caching time I have yet to find a cache on October 1. And that only matters because I’m working on the WV Everyday Challenge (wvhunter I won’t tell you how much I was hating you tonight.) First try was one that involved using water. I won’t go into details, but suffice to say that having spent most of my day already soaking wet, I gave up as soon as it became apparently that this cache was going to get me very wet. Since it was dark and very wet, I felt somewhat limited in my options. (After all an injury while solo caching at night would most likely get my grounded for a while.) The best thing I could come up with was to drive to Waynesburg to find the final of a multi, that I had started after a terrific snowstorm, At that time, stage two was not accessible due to some plow driver’s very hilarious joke. And so, car full of mostly dry, mostly clean horse blankets I headed north. Quick grab in  the rain hoping that no passing motorist would try to be nice and stop to offer me assistance. I don’t need assistance, I need a smack in the head and a hot toddy, that’s what I need.

And finally, homeward bound. The blankets have to stay in the car overnight. Chad issued a “No Horse Blankets In The House” mandate last year. Subie is gonna smell awesome tomorrow!

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