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A little comparison

Mom unearthed some photos of my Nun-Nun modeling the dress she wore to Kennedy’s inauguration in 1961. After returning from DC, the dress went into its original box without being cleaned – and according to Nun-Nun it was quite muddy that night.  I was quite happy to have some sense of how well the dress managed to weather the 46 years between wears. Wish I’d have had the killer opera gloves Nun-Nun wore, although having tried on some of her other gloves, I doubt they would have fit. (and of course Mom ran across those almost 2 years later darn it)

I wore the same dress in December 2007 to the company holiday party.  Although it required some minor alterations before I could squeeze into it. I had to take out the zipper in the back and add a set of eyelets so it could be laced up the back. And my minks (yes, poor little critters) were found in a second hand store. [For the record, I didn’t wear the fur out of the house. Not really my style.]

chris on November 10th 2009 in Family

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