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A pathetic attempt to cache

So I pull up GC.com and am horrified to find that my activity for the last 30 days is now blank. Empty. Nothing. No finds. No DNF’s. No TBs moved. Empty. Hollow. Horrifying.

While there is a pretty reasonable explanation for this called WINTER, it really doesn’t appease my internal geocaching demons. You know, the ones that drag me out of the house at dawn to sit in a car for 2 hours to hike 10 miles for a cache on the top of some mountain. Yes, those demons. They are annoyed.

Mother Nature (no comment) seemed to agreeable this Saturday. The forecast was decent and loyal sidekick was strangely willing to participate. Since it is hunting season of some sort, and since I have a rather large fear of being shot by anything (but mostly an arrow), we knew we’d have to stay out of the WMAs. That left parking lots and rail trails.

Our first targeted cache was Lion in the Roof where sidekick saved the day with his height. (No, sidekick does not have above average height. He does not have stretchy arms. He just happens to be a foot taller than me.) Giddy with success and only partly frozen we headed out to Hacked Again!!! which is where it all went downhill.

I love caching in the snow. I do. Standing knee deep in snow while trying to pry a lock-n-lock out of a old tree stump using only a tiny branch that happened to be nearby. Yep, I’m all over that. Who isn’t? It’s what separates the insane from the sane. And we all know which side I’m on.

None-the-less, after scrambling around the area and being unable to discern what was a rock, a pile of frozen leaves, a clump of snow, a frozen carcas or a cache container I stood back and reviewed the situation.

  • It was cold
  • My fingers were numb (I wore mittens, do you know how hard it is to dig around in mittens?)
  • My hiking pole (aka poking stick) was in the car
  • Everything looked like geoflage.

And for once, I looked up at poor sidekick who was clearly cold, but trying to be a trooper, and said, “All right. I’m done here.” Poor man nearly fell over.

So one smiley, one DNF. But I did get to try out the Ram Mount. My review is as follows:


  1. Mount is too high (that is currently being addressed – thanks Aquacache)
  2. Laptop lid doesn’t close due to the “clips” holding it to the shelf. This means laptop won’t automatically disconnect from bluetooth GPSr which gives me fits.


  1. Hey, my laptop isn’t on my lap
  2. Laptop can be swiveled for driver to see (even though he should be driving, not looking)
  3. No tripping over cords when exiting vehicle.
  4. Did I mention my laptop isn’t on my lap?

After all, a semi-successful day of caching is better than the most awesome day of work. And not tripping over wires exiting the cachemobile (not yet an approved GCC) rocks.

chris on December 14th 2008 in Geocaching

to “A pathetic attempt to cache”

  1. tonka_boy responded on 14 Dec 2008 at 6:33 pm #

    We went out yesterday. Your description…

    “unable to discern what was a rock, a pile of frozen leaves, a clump of snow, a frozen carcass or a cache container…”

    Is spot on. Caching during the winter is very tuff!

  2. Mo responded on 15 Dec 2008 at 12:30 pm #

    hi, just started a WP blog page & was looking at the gallery plug-in and saw your blog as an example. got to looking around and saw countryside that looked somewhat familiar, some sleuthing tells me you’re near M’town, WVA. I’m in Lynchburg, VA. found your geocaching very interesting, looks like a great excuse to get out in the woods with a camera!

    GREAT looking site.


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