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A Puzzling Situation….

Saturday dawned dreary and cool. That might be an understatement, but I was too freaked out about the Toy’s date at the state inspection station to get a clear grasp of the weather.

Oh sure I was slightly damp as I stood huddled under some trees, waiting for Chad, but I was fairly certain that Mother Nature wouldn’t be so cruel as to ruin an entire Saturday. So certain, in fact, that I’d emailed a few cachers and put out a general call for caching. Don’t think most of the gang shared my general optimism because I only had one taker besides sidekick Little Wooden Boy, and he (Aquacache) didn’t share my weather related enthusiasm either.

None-the-less, around noon the Mighty Vue shoved off for A PUZZLING SITUATION (GC15YN6) by thebuddhaman. My companions were fast to note that it was still not even near the 65 degrees and sunny that I’d been guaranteeing. Just wait, I assured them.

We rolled up to the first stage parking coords and sure enough, the sun was trying to peek through the clouds and the rain had stopped. It was not, however, dry. By the time we hit the top of the hill, both sLWB & Aquacache were wet up to their knees. Since my pants weren’t quite so long, the water just wicked DOWN into my nice and happy gortex shoes. Can we say squishy?

  • Stage 1: Found handily, did the puzzle on sLWB’s arm and moved on
  • Stage 2: Found handily, did the puzzle on on log or something and moved on
  • Stage 3: Where the heck is stage 3? It’s in this tree says my GPSr. It’s in THIS tree, says Aquacache’s GPSr. sLWB doesn’t have a GPSr, so he investigates both site, additional sites and anything in a 30 foot radius. We come up empty. About 60 minutes later while I’m stuck in some vines, sLWB says, “did you check here?” and, sure enough….there it was. Worked puzzle and headed back to the Mighty Vue.
  • Stage 4: Found handily. Had an issue with the puzzle. Something wasn’t quite right. Eventually the fellows figured it out – we hoped.
  • Final Stage: Oh boy. Sorta, maybe a lot of hiding places. Maybe not. Sure were a lot of leaves. Finally I heard a sound that indicated Aquacache had struck…well….the hiding place. Signed log and pawed thru stuff while sLWB took a rest on a nearby log.

Headed back down the hill (it sure did me in) and to the vehicle for dry socks and shoes. Oh what a relief that way…nice, dry, clean socks and shoes…Oh wait, just for me and sLWB…guess Aquacache forgot to bring his.

For the record, it was 63 degrees and sunny when we got back to the car, ready to head home. All told it took us about 5 hours from first stage parking coords to the car after the final. Quite a lot of fun and a great way to spend a Saturday.

chris on May 11th 2008 in Geocaching, Links

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