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Hotspur.us » And then there was 500 and 9…or 9 and 500

And then there was 500 and 9…or 9 and 500

My friend Knight Who Says Ni (aka Kris) was in town and, poor soul, allowed herself to be drug out on the caching trail with me. I say this because while she was willing, I don’t think she had an inkling what she was getting into. She’s only done light caching with me. Not the bull-headed, hard core, I’m caching until I can’t walk and it’s dark and sidekick has called out the search party type caching. Lucky for her a thorn impeded my plans….I think she may have stepped on it on purpose!

Anyway…back to these milestones. The last Thursday of each month our local caching group MAPGI meets for beer and wings so we can swap lies and so forth. Lo and behold the last Thursday of April also happened to be the 9th anniversary of loyal sidekick and myself. What to do? What to do?

What I did was make a run for my 500th cache so I could celebrate both milestones at BW-3 (or is it 2 these days? Where did the Weck go?).

The day dawned bright, and while I was up early, we did hit the road until 10-ish.I should take this moment to point out that I had decided, due to the high temps and my general love of the sun, to go caching in a running skirt. This decision would later reveal itself to be incredibly stupid….yes, stupid.

Our first successful cache was Dead in the Middle of SGL 223 which is….a .20 mile uphill bushwhack. Be still my heart. This is my kinda cache, boys and girls. I love a good bushwhack, ask anyone you know and they’ll tell you that I love to follow that arrow, thorns, mountain laurels, streams be darned. Spotty Spotty Pony Girl follows the arrow!

Uhem….which is where my fashion choice for the day came back to bit me in the arse. By the time we acquired the cache, I looked like I’d had a go ’round with Wolverine himself. I was gashed and bloody, but smiling like an idiot.

After a few other caches and then the injury sustained by KWSN I was at #499. I thought I”d be clever and have my #500 sign in Roman numerals, until a call to sidekick confirmed that it would be “D”….yes, just “D”. Well, where’s the fun in that? So, never one to let me down, sidekick came up with a plan.

With a sigh of relief (I’m sure I heard it from KWSN), a wave to the ponies that were grazing across the street from the parking coords and a quick call to check in, we headed back to to good ol’ West Virginia. Applied copious amounts of neosporin to my injuries, collected Aquacache, then grabbed loyal sidekick from his office (what…he was working until 5:30???) and we headed down mighty I-79 to join the gang.

Unknown to me, KWSN had asked MAGPI if they could throw together something to commemorate my #500th cache and they responded with a fancy silver lock-n-lock!

How awesome! Many thanks to Rock_Rat who pulled it all together. Seriously, I was completely shocked. I had no idea….of course, I tend to be oblivious to most things.

Chad and I had a mini-celebration for our 9th (fancy dinner was scheduled for the following evening because heaven forbid I miss MAGPI beer & wings). And then we got down to swapping lies!

chris on May 2nd 2008 in Family, Geocaching, Links

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