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Orlando\'s 8th Birthday. Happy Birthday, baby girl!

Villain and Friends

Villain meets the Toy & is unimpressed. The rest of the herd is overjoyed to see me...because I have a bag of carrots!

Villain July '07

Pics of Chris jumping Villain


Chris's half-horse, Villain. Not like a centaur, though. It's just half hers, for now.

Shooting Villain

It would be nice to have a pic of me and Vill when I don't have a helmet on. This sorta worked out...after a fashion

Mt Zion Horses

A small herd of mares and foals we spotted while attending the Matlick Family Reunion near Mt Zion church in Marquess.

The Feline Dictators

We have three cats who think they run everything. We let them labor under that misconception

The Evil Twins

Arcas & Orlando, our ferrets. No, they aren't twins. Yes, they can be evil. Foolishly we love them anyway.

Spring = Mud; Mud + Horse = Fun for All

Muddy horses are a sure sign Spring has arrived. It's also a good sign that a) it's Fall b) it's rained c)there is a mud puddle in a 10 mile radius.

Villain's Photo Shoot

It was a very hot day at the barn and Villain had just been shod, so instead of riding and getting us both dehydrated and out of sorts, Chad was nice enough to take some photos.

Spring House Squee

we stopped at Spring House to eat after a few (LONG) multis at Mingo Creek Park

Handsome Boy

Villain is always up for a photo shoot.

A Day in the Life of Arcas

Arcas was a little overstimulation when Reggie the parrot showed up.

Gratuitious Horse Shots

It was a fine winter day that found the boys out in the paddock. Nothing like a small herd of geldings caked in mud and galloping about.

Villain Gets a Bath

Or more appropriately, I get soaked


Arcas's 5th birthday, although the photos are from a bit earlier

Rebellion Day Pony

A little horse / human bonding before the fireworks.

Pony Time

February has kept me from the barn. Temps WAY below zero and piles of snow will do that.

Bath Time for the Pony

Villain got clean, i got dirty


It\'s bath time!

Showing Everest - 06/07/05

My first & only attempt to show Everest ends when he has war flashbacks and decides it's time to show everyone what he's made of.

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