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Hotspur.us » Another “one of those days”

Another “one of those days”

It’s been very cold. Very, very cold. And I still have yet to order the automatic starter for my Subaru. I should really get around to that. As it stands, if I want my car to be not frozen when I get in it, I have to go out and do the starting myself. It’s not that bad since the parking pad is quite literally right out front. But it still kinda sucks.

Sunday I decided that my options were: A. sit in the house and keep warm, yet freak out about being in the house all day; B. go visit the parents; C. go back to bed.  As much as C appealed to me I assumed it would simply turn into A, which meant that I was going to Fairmont to visit the parents. I peered out the front door and saw that the might Subie was covered in a thin layer of frost. It needed warmed up before I headed to Fairmont so out I went to warm the Subie up.

I was doing the final gathering of stuff when I looked in the key box and damn it, my keys were gone. I have a big green carabiner for my keychain and it’s pretty easy to spot. But no dice. I assumed Chad must have stuffed it in his parka pocket as he doesn’t believe in the key box. I was rifling through his parka when he said he only had my house key, not my key chain, and that he’d put it IN the key box. Crud. I shouted up to B to see if he had noticed my keys laying about anywhere. He and I were staring in the key box blankly about the time I realized the muffled noise I in the background was the Subie, warming up.


chris on February 15th 2012 in Blogroll

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