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Orlando’s 8th

Happy 8th Birthday, Orlando!

chad on May 4th 2012 in Animals

Witch Hunt – Spooky Solstice

Summer Solstice.

It was dark and heavy clouds gathered in the sky

Ten brave souls arrived at the desolate church, hovering around and waiting…waiting…waiting…

Ahem! Pony Girl….you are in charge. Why does no one ever tell me these things? Having been properly apprised of my role as leader, I gave the “Let’s Go!” and off we headed to stage one. (we will not discuss that someone had already been poking around ahead of time and had already found stage 1).

The woods were filled with chaos of flashlights and headlamps and disembodied shouts. Thorns tore at our explosed flesh, attempting to impede our quest. Bravely we fumbled forward trying to forget the whipping trees and flashes of lightening that blinded us.

At long last and before the evil sky unleashed its vengence 60 Cent gave a victory shout and the prize was ours. Huddling beneath the canopy we shifted impatiently, fearful that the denziens of the woods would begin to pick us off one by one.

As the wind howled louder and the unmistable sound of rain echoed around us, we sounded the retreat and hastily made our way for the grave to pay our respects.

chad on June 22nd 2008 in Geocaching, Links

Christmas 2007

We spent Christmas with the Matlicks this year. Bronywn and Quinn are at just the right age to really enjoy Christmas.

Among other people, I suppose.

chad on January 5th 2008 in Family

Mylan Party Dress

I took some photos of Chris in her dress before the Mylan Christmas party. It’s an elegant dress, first worn by her grandmother to JFK’s inauguration. What better excuse to do some stylized pictures?

I think this one is my favorite; check out the rest below.

chad on December 18th 2007 in Family