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Bath Time

It’s that time of the year again. Time to give Villain a really good scrubbing.

So, Villian + Hose = Extremely Wet Villian & Extremely Wet Me.

You will notice in the photo below that Villain does look quite nice and shiny. And he smelled good too thanks to the awesomely expensive shampoo that I happen to have stashed in my tack trunk. Honestly, that horse has more product than I have had in my entire life.

His bath went like this….he protested by dancing about the wash stall, putting his head up as far as he possible could in order to avoid getting his face washed. He does not like having any tiny bit of water (or perceived water) getting near his ears. So when I start to get his neck wet he tosses his head WAY up in the air. What he has failed to factor in is that if he kept his gi-nor-mous noggin DOWN I wouldn’t have to spray to get the top of his neck wet.  And if he would do that….there would be no (perceived) water in his ears and I’d be a damn lot dryer.

And so after both of us getting a bath, and me ending up dirtier than when I started, I took him out and let him graze so he could dry off. And then he went back to his nicely cleaned stall to have a snack.

And so…Nice, shiny, happy Villain.

And in contrast….Tired, soaked, smelly (and on my 3rd set of clothes for the day) me.

It’s great to know that the day after I gave the mighty beast that scrubbing, it poured. He’s probably covered in mud already. Figures.

chris on June 22nd 2010 in Animals

to “Bath Time”

  1. Mommy Instant Family responded on 27 Jun 2010 at 8:51 pm #

    Heh. I will have to do a blog post about giving Harper a bath. We did one about giving V a bath when she was tiny, so why not the dog?

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